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Q: Ano ang moral na batayan sa pagiwas sa droga sigarilyo at alak?
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What is the meaning of dangal in tagalog?

Dangal is dignity in English.Meaning in Tagalog:Sa popular na kahulugan at gamit, ito ang pagkakaroon ng dignidad at karangalan. Ito ay nag-uugnay sa kapwa at damdamin bilang mga etikal at moral nah batayan ng pagtingin, inaasahan, at pagsasabuhay.

What is the prefix for moral?

im is a prefix for moral

A sentence for moral?

A Sentence For Moral: She Went To Her Teacher For Moral Support

What is the term of moral rightness?

Moral rightness is acting in accord with moral law.

What is moral law?

moral damages

What is moral sensibility?

moral sensibility

What is moral component?

part of moral.

What are moral subjects?

Moral subjects are individuals who are considered capable of experiencing moral emotions and making moral judgments. They possess the capacity for moral agency and are seen as beings deserving of moral consideration and rights. This concept is often central to moral philosophy and ethical debates.

What will you add suffix to the word moral?

The suffix -ity can be added to the adjective 'moral' to form the abstract noun 'morality'.Note: The word 'moral' is an adjective and an abstract noun. The abstract noun 'moral' is a word for the lesson to be learned from a story or an experience; a person's standards of behavior or beliefs; a word for a concept.

What is a moral reaction to hybridization?

There is usually no moral reaction to hybridization. If you wonder about this, ask your moral adviser.

What is moral management?

Moral Management is a style of management that places a value on moral and ethical practices.

A moral is part of?

A moral is a part of life.