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salik sa pagsibol ng renaissance

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Q: Ano ang mga nilikha ni Leonardo da vinci na mahalaga sa renaissance?
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Which Renaissance artist painted the mona Lisa and the last supper?

Leonardo da Vinci is the artist who painted the works above.

Who was a genius in renaissance art?

leonardo da vinci

Leonardo da vinci's impact on the renaissance?

He was a trader

What is a renaissance man or woman?

Leonardo Da Vinci.

Three of the greatest Renaissance painters were?

Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael .

What Men of the Renaissance was known equally for his art as well as inventions?

Leonardo da Vinci

Who were the two artists of the renaissance?

One of them is Leonardo da vinci. I am not sure of the other.

What artistic period is Leonardo da Vinci?

Leonardo da Vinci's art is considered to be in the Italian Renaissance , circa 1452-1519.

What was Leonardo DaVinci's nickname?

Leonardo Da Vinci is a common example of a "Renaissance man", someone who excels at multiple fields. Leonardo Da Vinci was a famed scientist, artist and inventor during the Renaissance.

What is an example of a renaissance man during the Renaissance?

Leonardo da Vinci is a good example.

What was the artistic style of Leonardo da Vinci?

High Renaissance.

Was Leonardo da Vinci popular at the time?

the renaissance time