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dahil sa pagkantot niya

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Q: Ano ang mga nagawa ni gregorio del pilar sa bansang pilipinas?
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When was Gregorio del Pilar born?

Gregorio del Pilar was born on November 14, 1875.

What is Gregorio del Pilar's birthday?

Gregorio del Pilar was born on November 14, 1875.

What was the age of Gregorio del Pilar when he died?

Gregorio del Pilar died when he was 24 years old

How old was Gregorio del Pilar at death?

Gregorio del Pilar died on December 2, 1899 at the age of 24.

How old is Gregorio del Pilar?

Gregorio del Pilar was born on November 14, 1875 and died on December 2, 1899. Gregorio del Pilar would have been 24 years old at the time of death or 139 years old today.

Anekdota ni gregorio del pilar?


Leadership style of gregorio del pilar?


Who betrayed gregorio del pilar at tirad pass?


What are the pen names of gregorio del pilar?

plaridel- delpilar

Who is the Hero of tirad pass?

gregorio del pilar

Talambuhay ni gregorio del pilar?

yes pati larawan niya

Who is the Youngest general of the Philippine Revolution?

Gen. Gregorio Sempio Del Pilar