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Q: Ano ang masamang epekto ng paginom ng contraceptive pills?
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What are the elements of contraceptive pills?

What are the elements of contraceptive.

What is the Yuzpe Regimen for?

Combined Emergency contraceptive pills

Can you drink while taking contraceptive pills?

you die

Is medroxyprogesterone is a contraceptive pills?

No, medroxyprogesterone is not a birth control pill

What are the drugs to prevent pregnancy?

using pills and contraceptive method

Will only taking one of the pills cause a birth defect in an unborn baby?

Which pills? If contraceptive pill, no.

Can vitamin c be mixed with contraceptive pills?

Yes, that is generally not a problem.

What are the names of contraceptive pills available in Saudi Arabia?

stones and fists

What are the diseases because of the contraceptive pills?

Pills do not cause diseases. They also do not protect you from diseases. This is why condoms are inportant, they are the only contraceptive to protect you from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Be safe, get tested, and know your partner's history.

Can hypotension be caused by oral contraceptive pills?

Low blood pressure is not a known side effect of birth control pills.

Can a woman who had never been pregnant use oral contraceptive pills?


What are the contraceptive methods?

barrier method ,IUD, oral pills, Permenent method.