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Q: Ano ang lugar na pinag-aagawan ng bansang India at Pakistan?
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Anong Lugar na pinagmulan ng kabihasnang indus?

sa Bansang

Anu-anong lugar ang matatagpuan sa bansang Mongolia?

ano ang relihiyon ng bansang mongolia

Ano ang topograpiya ng bansang china?

mabundok na lugar

What is the full name of Kerry-lugar bill?

The full name of the Kerry-Lugar bill is actually the Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009. It was named after the two main sponsors, Senator John Kerry and Senator Richard Lugar.

What is the name of Kerry-Lugar bill?

The enhanced partnership with Pakistan act of 2009

Anu-ano ang mga lugar sa timog silangang asya?

anu ano ang mga bansang nakapalibot sa timog asya?

How many dollars Pakistan will receive in 5 years under Kerry-lugar bill?

Pakistan will get 1.5 million dollars from the United States every year under this bill. The full title of the bill is the Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009.

What is the meaning of 'Que lugar é esse' in India?

What place is this or What is this place may be English equivalents of 'Que lugar é esse'. The interrogative 'que' means 'what'. The masculine noun 'lugar' means 'place'. The verb 'é' means '[he/she/it] is, [you] are'. The demonstrative 'esse' means 'this, that'. All together, they're pronounced 'kee loo-GAH eh ehs-see'.English is the national language of India. But residents and visitors find examples of the historic contact between India and Portugal. This question is one such example, in the form of persisting expressions of language.

What is the birth name of Richard Lugar?

Richard Lugar's birth name is Richard Green Lugar.

Anu anong mga bansa ang nagpasimula ng eksplorasyon?

noong unang panahon ang bansang Portugal at espanya ang nagpasimula sa explorasyon , nag hahanap sila ng spices o paminta sa iba bang lugar.

When was Robert Lugar born?

Robert Lugar was born in 1773.

When did Robert Lugar die?

Robert Lugar died in 1855.