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Q: Ano ang layunin ng Minimum Wage Law?
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A 1938 law set a minimum what?

A minimum wage.

What is the minimum wage in Dothan AL?

Alabama does not have a state minimum wage law.

What is the Dollar amount of minimum wage in 1800?

There was no minimum wage law in 1800.

What is the minimum salary allowed by law?

minimum wage

Which US states do not have a minimum wage?

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee do not have minimum wage laws. This does not mean they do not have minimum wages because there is a federal minimum wage that these states must still enforce. States can only choose to have higher minimum wages than the federal law or have no specific law at all and enforce the federal law.

What is the minimum wage for a lawyer?

The minimum wage for a lawyer is the same as the minimum wage for everyone else - $7.25 in some states per federal law, slightly higher in others per state law. Minimum wage is not assigned by job category. Obviously a lawyer can expectto make more, but as "minimum wage" goes, this is it.

What year was the first minimum wage established?

The first minimum wage law was passed in 1938.

Why are there two minimum wages in the US?

There is one federal minimum wage law. Most states also have a separate minimum wage law than the federal, which might be higher.

What is the Minnesota minimum wage and the federal minimum wage?

As of July 2010, federal minimum wage is $7.25 and Minnesota minimum wage is the same because federal law prevails. However, by statute, the minimum wage in Minnesota is $5.25 or $6.15 depending on annual sales.

What should the Florida minimum wage posters include?

Florida minimum wage posters should have the state minimum wage information. An employer is required by law to post this information.

Are wage increases mandatory in Nova Scotia?

Increases in the minimum wage are regulated by law, and therefore increases in the minimum wage are mandatory. Other wage increases are negotiated.

When was the first minium wage law instituted and how much was minimum wage at that time?

The world's first minimum wage law was enacted in New Zealand in 1894. The first minimum wage law in the US was enacted in 1912 in the State of Massachusetts. The first national law was in 1938. The amount was set at $0.30 (present day value of $4.70).