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Q: Ano ang law of deminishing returns?
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YEAH. For the Win

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What is the law of returns to scale?

THE LAW OF RETURNS TO mean that law in which we study about the different period of the production in which increasing , decreasing , and constant returns to scale is studied

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ano ano

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Why law of diminishing returns is considered a short-run phenomenon?

why law of diminishing returns is considered a short-run phenomenon?

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ito ay batas kung saan pinagbabawal ang pagiging malibog.

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What is the law of diminishing returns and state the reasons behind the operation of this law?

Decreasing returns to scale imply that the firm is suffering from some sort of diseconomy of scale. As the scale of operations increases, dis economies are encountered that increase unit cost of production This could be due to managerial problems, planning problems, or controlling the firm as its size increases. i believe it is pure economics as law of deminishing marginal utility. human wants are unlimited. when one want is satisfied then another crops up. man wants to satisfy more. when we consume more and more goods the satisfaction comes down similarly. for example when we eat first fruit satisfaction is in highest level. but satisfaction comes down when we eat second fruit.