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Q: Ano ang katangian ni Celso sa kwenton Paalam Sa Pagkabat?
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Bakit nagalit si celso sa lambat sa kwentong paalam sa pagkabata?

Dahil mabaho ang lambat ng kanyang ama.

Who is celso carunungan?

celso carunungan

When was Celso born?

Celso was born in 1956.

What is the birth name of Celso Portiolli?

Celso Portiolli's birth name is Celso Yunes Portiolli.

What is the birth name of Celso Chavez?

Celso Chavez's birth name is Celso Ricardo Chavez.

What has the author Celso Lagar written?

Celso Lagar has written: 'Celso Lagar (1891-)' -- subject(s): Exhibitions 'Exposition Celso Lagar, 1891-1966'

What is the birth name of Celso Destefano?

Celso Destefano's birth name is Celso Vilela Destefano de Souza.

What is the birth name of Celso Bernini?

Celso Bernini's birth name is Celso de Oliveira Bernini Jnior.

What is the birth name of Celso Munoz?

Celso Munoz's birth name is Celso Fraga de Andrade Munoz.

When was Celso Brandão born?

Celso Brandão was born in 1951.

When did Celso Daniel die?

Celso Daniel died in 2002.

When was Celso Daniel born?

Celso Daniel was born in 1951.