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Q: Ano ang kasarian ng model sa painting na Mona Lisa ni Leonardo Dá Vinci?
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In Raphael's painting 'The School of Athens' Leonardo da Vinci is painted in as which great Greek philosopher?

Leonardo may be the model for Platon.

Who served as the model for the Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting the 'Mona Lisa'?

The painting is a portrait of the wife of a Florentine merchant. Her name was Lisa Gherardini.

What if Leonardo da Vinci would have built a working helicopter?

He did build a working model of one.

How has Leonardo da Vinci made an impact on others?

He impacted my life allot he is my role model.

Did Leonardo da Vinci have a role model as a child?

Like most figures who achieved the status that Leonardo De Vinci achieved, he did have a role model in his apprentice Andrea di Cione. Cione was one of the most celebrated artists in his day and he encouraged De Vinci to practice literature, history, and philosophy as well as art.

Did Leonardo da Vinci fly?

It is said he made a couple of tests, but no successful flights are recorded.

How many sculptures did Leonardo da vinci sculpt?

At least two horse sculptures, the model and full sized clay cast model for Gran Cavallo.

What is the exact head cover of the model in the La Belle Ferroniere painting by Leonardo da Vinci?

If you mean the jewel held to her forehead by a chain (or fillet), it is called a "ferroniere". It was worn by women in Italy and France during the 16th Century often to hide the lesions from syphillis.

Did Leonardo da Vinci use perspective in his paintings?

He first roughly sketched the design he was about to paint with lines leading from outside the painting to the very middle of the painting. He followed these guidelines to create realistic paintings.

How was Leonardo da Vinci's helicopter formed?

Click link below and see his drawing + one modern model! Note that the 'helicopter' was never executed!

What is a parabolic compass?

A device used to draw parabolas. There are sketches by Leonardo da Vinci of a device that was supposed to do just that, but I can't find evidence of a working model.

How did Leonardo da Vinci build the helicopter?

I think he built it with the help of his uncle. It was a model made perhaps by looking at maple seeds falling. Look at the link below: