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Q: Ano ang isinasaad ng public defender act?
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What are the usual professional responsibilities of a public defender?

A public defenders responsibilities may involve, defending individuals charged with felonies, represent juvenile delinquents in child abuse and neglect cases, meet witnesses, establish close contact with defendants and act as a negotiator between the defendant and the attorneys office.

What is acting in public interest?

To act in public interest is to do that which is to the benefit of the public.

When was the Public Utility Holding Company Act?

The Public Utility Holding Company Act passed in 1935

Ano ang tariff act of 1901?

di ko alam

What is the biodiversity republic act 7586?

kahit ano basta biodeversity

What was the War Damage Act of 1965?

ano ang halaga ng war damage act sa pilipinas

Ano ang layunin ng tenancy Act?

anu ang kahalagahan ng Land Tenancy Act.

Is there a Michigan public act 339?

Yes the Public Act 339 is about dogs harming neighbor's livestock and poultry.

Which act was aimed at sanitation reform?

The Public Health act

Can a District Attorney ignore evidence in order to keep false charges pending?

If you are the defendant - what your opinion is of "false charges" and his act of "ignoring evidence" are very likely to differ. Suggest you talk this over with yoru attorney (private or public defender) and be guided by their learned opinion.

Ano ang Philippine Rehabilitation Act?

ang pagsasama ng rehiyon

In what year did the British National Government introduce the Public Order Act?

The Public Order Act was passed by Parliament in 1936.