Ano ang ibig sabihin ng ocw?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: Ano ang ibig sabihin ng ocw?
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The list of free online courses available online is as extensive as the timeline of our world's history. Many universities have compiled course materials from previously taught history classes on OpenCourseWare (OCW) websites. No registration or tuition is required and students can access the materials at any time.

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What actors and actresses appeared in RTL Late Night - 2013?

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The cast of Tong tatlong tatay kong pakitong kitong - 1998 includes: Rey Abella as Goon Babalu as Bobby Tazy as Puzzy Cita Astals as Cita Jessie Baldomero as Goon Bonel Balingit as Jack Christian Banzil as Goon Bernardo Bernardo as Diday Roberto Casilac as Vendor Romeo Caunin as Goon Willy Constantino as Goon Johnnie Contreras as Goon Jaime Cuales as Goon Serena Dalrymple as Jingle Rozel Danzon as Mailman Nonong de Andres as OCW Applicant Ariel De Guzman as Goon Perry de Guzman as Goon Andy de Hveyra as Goon Moises Del Rosario as Goon Freddie Elasigue as Fred Rigor Ferrer as Goon Mark Gil as Eric Wilson Go as Don 1 Bobot Himacas as Goon Joe Jardy as Goon Boy Lumbre as Goon Nards Maso as Goon Artemio Mendoza as Goon Nero Miranda as Goon Pocholo Montes as Don Pocholo Lara Morena as Cristy Brian Murdoch as American Burt Murdoch as American Bret Murdoch as American Buddy Norton as Padre Roman Bonsai Onyo as Goon Rey Palenzuela as Goon Rene Pascual as Goon Don Pepot as Mr. L.A. Guy Boots Peralta as Goon Pong Pong as Goon Freddie Quizon as Freddie Brandon Ramirez as Jimmy Robert Rivera as Robert Beverly Salviejo as OCW Applicant Nemie Samson as Goon Romy Tolosa as Goon Del Tupaz as Goon Leo Valdez as Carol Max Vera as Max Bobby Villacorta as Goon Cesar Villanueva as Goon Redford White as Alvin

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The last ride together by Robert browning summary?

Robert Browning' s "Last Ride Together" is a monologue of a rejected lover that expresses his undying love for his beloved. The title apparently gives out the notion that this is their last ride together. Nevertheless, what the speaker signifies is that he has lived all his life in this ride, with the all-sufficing splendor of love. The poem echoes the 'carpe diem' motif of seizing the present. He affirms that he is well-acquainted with his past. Even so, hitherto all that his life stood for, comes to naught when it comes to his unrequited love. His love is unselfish and does not avail of anything unreasonable, it is truly blessed with pride and happiness in having the Last ride with her which would endow him with the joy of a lifetime. For this, he would even handover his most priced possession- the hope of love, that inspired him to live on. If gifted with the Ride, he guarantees that he will be content with just the memory of the hope that inspired him to go on.The Lady bent her brows to this entreaty; pity smoothening the pride had filled her dark eyes. The moment of her decision was a crucial point for the poet, as though he hung between life and death; and the colour left his face for a splitting second. However, the positive signal replenishes the blood at once. He is euphoric regarding the prospects of riding with her while the present lasted. And he states that he is deified or exalted for one more day, because one never knows when the world might end.The poet subsequently refers to their physical proximity, implying that the word 'ride' has sexual connotations. The poet informs her that if the she witnesses the Western cloud with its bosom laden with blessings; if she encounters the sun's, moon's and evening stars all at once, it is just because heaven has descended upon them. The poet pleads with her to leave her consciousness aside, and let passion draw her "Cloud, sunset, moonrise, star-shine too, "That they rise above the distinctions of the flesh to a spiritual union. She comes closer to the speaker with mixed emotions of joy and fear.The poet dwells on the significance of the present in the next stanza as he concentrates on the ride. He contemplates on why people attach so much significance to the past and future, than focusing on the present. His soul that was hitherto a long "scramped scroll " smoothens itself out .The metaphor connotes living life to the fullest in elation and ecstasy for the moment. The scroll freshens and flutters in the wind in intense euphoria. Why does one get carried way by past actions:Had I said that, had I done this,So might I gain, so might I miss.Why do people leave room, for doubts, suspicions, failure, misgivings that haunt the present instead of protecting it, and distracting the same. One should breathe each moment as though there is no room for regret. For him at the moment there was no truth save:And here we are riding, she and I.The speaker anticipated no 'real' love from his ladylove. He had failed in word and deeds. He consoles himself that all men do strive for success, but who achieves it? His spirit was still on a high with regard to the present, as they encountered unknown avenues during the course of their ride. The speaker asserts that the "the world rushed by on either side.". That is, the world seemed to rush past because the poet was caught in the moment in slow motion. The world that was caught up in worldly pursuits continued with it, in spite of the failures they encountered. Yet, what compensates them for the petty present is the hopeful future that promises vast opportunities .Likewise, the poet temporarily goes against his own dictum, suddenly wishing that if she would ever love him back. He thus contradicts himself proving that hope is instinctive and universal. It cannot be traded for anything in the world, in spite of ourselves.What hand and brain went ever paired?What heart alike conceived and dared?What act proved all its thought had been?What will but felt the fleshly screen?The poet asserts that the hand(practice) and brain(thought) never went perfectly paired. The heart never dared to give vent to the true emotions that it fostered. No act even could prove the intention behind the same. What hand and brain went ever paired? He deems himself to be in no way lesser to the statesman, soldier, soft, sculptor and musician. In fact, his riding is superior to all the above-said acts.In this second stanza, he compares the Ride to the act of composing poetry. The difference is that the Poet expressed what the normal person felt. The poets idealize certain things and places them in to rhyme, the image and rhyme co-existing side-by-side . However, the speaker quips whether the Poet's own life was as beautiful as he portrayed in poetry. Whether in reality the Poet was stricken with poverty or ailments or old age. It was perhaps his tragedies that contributed to an iota of his sublime.Are you---poor, sick, old ere your time---Nearer one whit your own sublimeThough the speaker prefers the Ride, as the ride entails only joy compared to the poets singing. Ironically the speaker is a Poet himself in reality.The sculptor turns years to lock the beauty of Venus in his artistic creation, but it is of no practical use. The sculptor has devoted years of service to Art.The speaker personifies Art, and sculptor as the slave of Art. All this servility comes to nothing, because a person is more attracted towards domestic reality, his gaze immediately shifts from the statue of Venus to a dame that waddles(fords) through a spring of water(burn).The Sculptor acquiesces, he accepts fate reluctantly but without protest. On the other hand, shouldn't the speaker openly express his discontent? The significance of being a musician also pales in comparison. The musician whiles way his best years in music, while music too has its own fashions and one kind of music may not appeal to another generation. His only reward appears to be praise from a friend. The speaker too has sacrificed his youth, but he rides fine because it endows upon him the bliss of a lifetime.Only God knows what lies in store for us. Had the poet resigned himself to fate, and fate proposed bliss, he would not have found himself in a lofty position.for the poet writes best when he is sad. Nevertheless one has to live a life beyond this 'destined' life ,have his own share of ecstasy. One should descry these hitherto unexplored avenues of bliss. His feet seem to planted on the goal, and glory steady around one's neck in such an instance. Earth being so good, would heaven seem best?: asks the poet in a rhetorical question. He implies that if earth were good as people said it was, then how was it that heaven was the superlative. But now the experience itself has transcended the object and result of the experience as he declares:"Now, heaven and she are beyond this ride."The beloved has not spoken to him, throughout the ride. What if heaven is that life at its fairest and strongest. With the eyes focused towards the first fruition that always imparts unending joy. Being fixed in eternity, one need not be flexible. What if they ride on, old with experience, but ever-new in essence. Altered not in the kind, but in degree: not in quantity but in quality. In such an instance, a single instant is transformed into eternity. And lastly, what if, they could forever 'ride' without worrying about action, intention or inclination.By :Manjesh Kaushik