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Q: Ano ang ibig sabihin ng international date line na ayon sa globo?
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What is the curious feature of international date line?

no countries lies in international date line

Is the international date line a line of latitude?

No, the international date line is a line of longitude, not latitude.

What meridian forms the International Date Line?

The International Date Line roughly follows the 180th meridian.

In what year did Jiayuancom International Ltd - DATE - have its IPO? International Ltd. (DATE) had its IPO in 2011.

Is the International Date line of japan and Hawaii the same?

The International Date Line is the same for all nations.

Does the international date line pass Samoa?

Travelling west the international date line is further west. The answer is no

Riding a Ship through the international date line?

how long dose it take to cross the international date

What line on earths surface marks where the date change?

The International Date Line which is located in Grenwich, England.

Two oceans does the International Date line pass?

The International Date Line passes through the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.

Anu ano ang mga bahagi ng mapa at globo?

Hi im ellen jhoy 15 years old from cavite city

Is the international date line a parrallel or a merdian?

The international date line is a meridian. It is also known as the Greenwich Meridian .

Is papua new guinea closer to prime meridian or international date line?

International date line of course