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Q: Ano ang ibig sabihin ng duplex cross joint tagalog?
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What is a duplex cross joint?

Duplex cross joint

Duplex cross joint?

There are two kinds of duplex connections : 1- Half Duplex : That is a one-way connection. You are sending data or receiving some at a time. Some wireless access points are half-duplex. Talki Walkie is a good example of this kind of connection. 2- Full Duplex : That is a two-way connection. You can send and receive date at a same time. Telephone is the best example of it, as you can listen and talk at a same time.

What is the meaning of ordinary cross joint?

what is the double wrapped crass joint

What joint is in a wooden cross?

lap joint.

What is the importance of a cross lap wood joint?

Strength of joint

Why do all muscles cross a joint?

Why do all muscle cross a joint? Define the attachment points of muscle to bone?

What are the conclusion about joint ventures?

increase in the number of cross joint ventures???

Which joint does the pectoral major cross?

nose and inner ear joint

What do you mean by electrical double wrapped cross joint?

An electrical double wrapped cross joint is just like an ordinary cross joint but double wrapped with electrical tape. It is used where two tap conductors need to extend away from the branch conductor in the opposite direction and is stronger than the ordinary cross joint.

What is electrical joint and splices?

western union short/ long ordinary tee joint ordinary cross joint over lap tee joint over lap cross joint trough fixture joint rat tail joint double cross joint double tee joint bouble over lap cross joint multitap rat tail joint --well, I'm not sure about that!

What joint does the gluteus maximus cross?

The gluteus maximus crosses the hip joint.

What joint does the tibialis anterior cross?