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Q: Ano ang ibig sa bihin 3 fold division of navigable waters?
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What is the five-fold division of the body?

The body, like the Pentagram, has 5 points - 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 head. This is the five-fold division. The idea came from Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician and philosopher.

What are the three ways to express the division of two numbers?

1.u should take a square and fold it

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Mountian fold,valley fold,fold and unfold arrow,fold in front of arrow,fold behind arrow.

How do you say fold in french?

Plier= to fold plie is fold

Is the word fold a noun?

The word 'fold' is both a noun (fold, folds) and a verb (fold, folds, folding, folded). Examples:noun: I found my ring in the fold of the bedspread.verb: We had to fold and staple a hundred flyers for mailing.More example sentences for the noun 'fold':There was a fold in my pants.You've entered the fold.He chose a fold as his maneuver.

Is fold an adverb?

No it is not. It is a verb (to fold) or a noun, which can be used as a noun adjunct in terms such as fold landforms.

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There are 8 standard ways to fold a Cloth Diaper if that is what you mean. The Trifold / standard diaper fold, Triangle diaper fold, Bikini twist diaper fold, Kite-fold diaper fold, Origami diaper fold, Terry-square diaper fold, Angel wing folds, and the Navel defense diaper fold.

How do you fold your safety patrol belt?

you fold it just like you fold your clothes

What fold is the fold in which the youngest rock layers are in the center?

Such a fold is called a syncline.

A fold in a skirt or curtain?


What is an asymmetrical fold?

An asymmetrical fold is a fold where on limb deeps steeper than the other

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For shirts you cross over the arms, the fold them vertically twice. For pants you fold the across horizontally then fold them in half vertically.