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Q: Ano ang digmaang US at Spain?
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What is the literal and figurative meaning of the sentence 'forcing us on through the rugged road'?

ano talaga ang sagot

Ano ang mga patakaran na ipinatupad ng espanya sa pilipinas?

me you us they we god jesus answers

Ano ang naitulong ng bansang US of Amerika sa Pilipinas?

ang naitulong ng America sa pilipinas ay nagbigay ito ng demokrtikong pamamahala............................ (y)

How did the US acquire Spain?

The US has never acquired Spain.

Why did Spain give Texas to the US?

Spain did not give Texas to the US, the US took Texas from Spain in a war.

Does Spain check for us warrants?

It depends on who "us" is and whether "us" is going to Spain.

Ano ang kultura ng taga indonesia?

Ang Republika ng Indonesia (Indones: Republik Indonesia, bigkas: ang guro ko ay mabait ...sinasabi nya sa amin na sped daw kami....kasi sped sya.....thank yo for teaching us maam happy teachers day... SPED ka.

Is Spain larger than the US?

Spain is much smaller than the US. The US is over 19 times larger than Spain.

Why would Spain not trust the us?

Because Spain grew suspicious of the US after the US began crossing the Mississippi to settle in Spain's territory

Which state was purchased by US from Spain?

The US aquired the state of Florida from Spain in the US-Spain treat of 1819 which came into affect in 1821.

What did the US obtained Florida from?

I think its Spain.......Thats what I foundIts Spain Its Spain Its Spain ITS SPAIN OK

Is Spain and US in the same continent?

No. Spain is in Europe while the US is in North America.