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ang pagbabayad ng interes sa ating pambansang utang............

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Q: Ano ang debt cap ng pilipinas?
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What is the market cap for Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt Fund Inc ESD?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt Fund Inc (ESD) is $570,615,469.79.

How much is the current Philippine debt cap?

As of now, it is said that the Philippines owe a whopping P4.42 TRILLION.

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How much interest is permitted by law for a 400.00 debt that is owed to a food company?

Usually around 20% per year. Each state has a different cap on the interest payments. And there are contractual issues to look at as well.

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Can someone explain about Balance mutual fund in India?

Hello, A balance mutual fund is a fund that invests in both equity and debt, and within equity it invest in large cap, mid cap, small cap. These type of funds are meant to take away a little equity risk, while maintaining decent returns. For more information we suggest you to log on to websites like Reliance mutual fund, ICICI which provide information regarding the balanced mutual funds.

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