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Q: Ano ang dapat gawin ng isang sales cleck?
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What is the difference between sales clerk and sales associate?

sales cleck ring up your sales and sales associate shows you merchantise

Is sales commission an expense or cost of sales?

Sales commission is a Cost of sales. But the salary of a sales agent is an expense.

Is cost of sales or turnover the same as net sales?

Cost of sales is the expenses to earn sales so cost of sales and net sales are not same, formula for gross profit is as follows: Gross profit = Sales - Cost of sales

How do you use sales in a sentence?

He works in sales. The sales department. The sales this year exceeded the amount of sales for the previous years.

How do you calculate net credit sales?

Total sales - cash sales - sales return

How do calculate net sales?

Net sales = Total sales - sales returns and discounts

What is the importance of credit sales?

Credit Sales increases the amount of sales and sales volume.

What is sales minus sales returns allowances and sales dicount called?

net sales

What do you use to figure sales tax your gross sales or net sales?

Net Sales..

How is net sales calucultaed?

Net sales = Total sales - Sales returns and allowances

How do you present sales returns in the income statement?

sales+sales return=net sales

What are the sales positions in Walmart?

Sales Associate, Sales Floor Associate, Shoe Sales Associate, Sales Associate Electronics, Sales Associate Sporting Goods, Pharmacy Sales Associate, Jewellery/Cosmetic Sales, Senior Manager Sales, Produce Sales. If there is a specific location you are looking for, you should check out They have a lot listed.