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Q: Ano ang dahilan ng pagbaba ng grado ng estudyante sa pagsusulit?
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How do you write the number second grade in spanish?

"Segundo grado" , "2do grado" or "2° grado"

How do you say I am in 6th grade in spanish?

Yo estoy en sexto grado. I am in sixth grade.

What is El Grado's population?

El Grado's population is 506.

When was Grado Labs created?

Grado Labs was created in 1955.

When was Grado. Süße Nacht created?

Grado. Süße Nacht was created in 2004.

What does que grado mean in spanish?

"¿Qué grado?" in Spanish means "What grade?" It is pronounced: [ˈke ˈɣɾaðo] '¿qué grado?'.

How do you respond to En que grado estas?

En que grado estas? = What grade are you in?Yo estoy en el (numbero) grado = I am in the (number) gradeExample:Yo estoy en el primer grado = I am in the first grade

What is the spanish word Grado?

In Spanish, "grado" can have multiple meanings depending on the context. It can mean "degree" as in a measurement of temperature or angle, or it can also mean "grade" as in a level of study or a rank in the military.

Where is Grado located on the world map?

One can find Grado a little north-east from Italy on a world map or an atlas. And if you go south of the country named "Austria" you can find Grado there.

How do you say I am in the eleventh grade in Spanish?

Estoy en el 10 º grado or estoy en el décimo grado mean the same

How do you say i'm in tenth grade in spanish?

To tell your age in Spanish you say, "I have [so many] years." If you're thirty years old, you would say, "Tengo treinta años." or simply, "Tengo treinta." ("I'm thirty.") The personal pronoun 'Yo' (I) is not used because it is understood from the conjugation of the verb, 'Tengo.' 'There is only one tengo and it belongs exclusively to the first person singular present tense of tener, 'to have.' Additionally, from the context of the conversation, it is understood you are speaking about yourself.

What actors and actresses appeared in Tercer grado - 1963?

The cast of Tercer grado - 1963 includes: Tico Medina as Host