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Q: Ano ang dahilan ng pag kakaroon ng global warming at climate change..?
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Is global warming a cause or a effect of climate change?

Global warming is the cause of climate change.Climate change is the result of global warming.

What is a word or phrase that has the same meaning as global warming?

The answer you are looking for is climate change.However, the question is incorrect. Global warming is not the same as climate change. Global warming is the warming of the earth. Climate change is the result of this warming.

What is climate change global warming causing?

"Climate Change" and "Global Warming" are not the same, though related. Global Warming causes Climate Change. With Global Warming we understand the warming of the earth's global temperature. That warming has in turn an effect on the earth's global climate and on more localized climates (like the climate of England or Western US).

Is greenhouse effect is the other name of global warming?

Strictly speaking there is no other name for global warming."The whole earth heating up" might be another name.Global warming is causing climate change, so many people think they are both the same, so they say:"Climate change is another name for global warming", but they are not really the same.

Is climate change a rise in the temperature of the earth?

No, global warming is a rise in the temperature of the earth. Global warming is causing climate change.

Why is the phenomenon called global warming more accurately described as climate change?

It is not. They are not both the same, in fact, they are cause and effect. Global warming is the warming of the earth. This warming is causing climate change.

Why is the term climate change used than global warming?

Global warming causes climate change. We now use the term climate change because it deals with all the many changes. Global warming is still happening and the warming is putting more energy into the atmosphere. This extra energy is changing the climate.

Why do some people want to call global warming climate change?

Climate change sounds a bit more benign than global warming. However, the two things are not the same. Climate change is actually the result of global warming.

What are climate changes linked to?

Global warming is causing climate change.

What is usually caused by global warming?

Climate change is caused by global warming.

To what extent will global warming or climate change be used by the elite?

Global warming and climate change are happening to everyone. As the price of carbon becomes more obvious there will be nobody rich enough to escape climate change.

How do humans contribute to climate change not including global warming?

Humans are contributing to global warming (by burning fossil fuel and cutting down forests) and global warming is CAUSING climate change.