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Q: Ano ang akordeng may pamilya na Roman Vay?
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When did Vay happen?

Vay happened in 1994.

When was Vay created?

Vay was created on 1993-10-22.

When did Vay Wilson die?

Vay Wilson died in 1962.

When did Adelma Vay die?

Adelma Vay died in 1925.

When was Adelma Vay born?

Adelma Vay was born in 1840.

What does vay vay mean?

A Term used for short meaning:A Womans Vagina Heres a example: How does a girl take a pee? Answer: She Goes Through Her Vay Vay

When was Vay Wilson born?

Vay Wilson was born on 1912-01-18.

When was Miklós Vay born?

Miklós Vay was born on 1802-04-29.

When did Miklós Vay die?

Miklós Vay died on 1894-05-13.

When did Ilus Vay die?

Ilus Vay died on October 28, 2008.

How do you say i love WWE in french?

J'aime WWE double vay double vay a

When was Richard A. La Vay born?

Richard A. La Vay was born on 1953-07-16.