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siya ay payat

lubog ang mata

at sakitin

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Q: Ang katangian ni damaso salvi sa aralin 18 ng noli you tangere?
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Who is padre salvi?

if you are looking for the padre salvi in the novel "noli me tangere" by doctor Jose P Rizal written during the spanish era of the philippines, then The answer to that is this... Padre salvi is a character who replaced the former head of the local church of san diego, padre damaso, so from this it evident that he is a priest, as for his personality he is a very disciplined person who does everything "by the book" he is young and thin and may be short temperred. FOR PEOPLE READING THIS TAKE NOT THAT THE NOVEL IS PURELY FICTION AND PADRE SALVI BY NAME, MAY OR MAY NOT EXIST thank you

What are the characters in noli me tangere have in el filibustrismo?

"El Filibusterismo" is the sequel to "Noli Me Tangere" written by Jose Rizal. Some characters from "Noli Me Tangere" appear in "El Filibusterismo", such as Crisostomo Ibarra who becomes Simoun, Sisa's sons Basilio and Crispin, and Padre Florentino. Their stories continue in the second novel, with Simoun seeking revenge against the injustices in society.

Ano ang katangian ni padre salvi?

isang pari na umibig ni maria clara

Who is father Damaso in Noli you Tangere?

Father Damaso is a character in the novel "Noli Me Tangere" by Jose Rizal. He is depicted as a corrupt and abusive Spanish friar who exploits his position for personal gain and mistreats the Filipino people. He is one of the antagonists in the story and represents the oppressive nature of the Spanish colonial regime in the Philippines.

What is the birth name of Osvaldo Salvi?

Osvaldo Salvi's birth name is Gennaro Salvi.

When did Nicola Salvi die?

Nicola Salvi died in 1751.

When was Nicola Salvi born?

Nicola Salvi was born in 1697.

When was Al Salvi born?

Al Salvi was born in 1960.

When was Aavishkar Salvi born?

Aavishkar Salvi was born in 1981.

When was Lorenzo Salvi born?

Lorenzo Salvi was born in 1810.

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Lorenzo Salvi died in 1879.

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Francesco Salvi was born in 1953.