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Manuel L. Quezon and the Street Sweeper

Manuel L. Quezon, without telling his name, appeared to a busy street sweeper. "Oh my", the street sweeper moaned, "Here am I- a lonely, poor street sweeper. Since childhood, I started to do this duty. Now, I have a lot of sons and daughters. But look, I'm still sweeping...from all these years! What did the government do to me? Nothing, nothing at all! My daily salary is not enough to provide us food. Even my children aren't able to go to school because of it".

"Maybe you might be rewarded soon", Manuel replied.

"Soon, really? Soon when I am old and weak? There's no more chance", said the self-pitied street sweeper.

"Don't lose hope", answered the person whom he is talking with," While one is alive, he shouldn't lose hope". The street sweeper did not answer anymore. He just gazed at Manuel trying to understand what he said.

After a few days, the reward had come. The old street sweeper had his job promoted, gained honors and got higher wages. Oh, what joy he had felt! "The man you had talked with is a blessing", said the wife of the street sweeper after he told the story of his conversation with the anonymous person. One thing they don't know is that man is their former president, Manuel Quezon.

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Q: Anekdota ni Manuel Luis Quezon y Molina?
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