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Q: Aling espesyal na guhit latitud ang tumatanggap ng diretsong sikat ng araw?
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Birthday of aling Dionisia Pacquiao?

hi aling dionisia

What nicknames does Jack Aling go by?

Jack Aling goes by JackIsTalking.

Who is proudest personality aling sebia or aling biang?

Both Aling Sebia and Aling Biang have reasons to be proud in their own ways. Aling Sebia might be proud of her resourcefulness and ability to make ends meet, while Aling Biang might be proud of her strong values and principles that she upholds. It ultimately depends on what values and accomplishments they prioritize in their lives.

Who is aling biang?

The legal wife

Aling itlog ang may buntot?


When is Aling Dionisia's birthday?

"Aling" Dionisia Dapidran-Pacquiao was born May 15, 1949. She is the mother of Philippine welterweight boxing champion Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao.

What wast the 1st restaurant in the Philippines?

aling kikay restaurant..

Which oceacn is found aling much of africs eastcoast?


What is particularly lacking in the body of an albino?

dahil kay aling dionisia

How do you say mandarin in Chinese?

allo ta boi aling BONG

Characters of the fence by Jose garcia villa?

Jose Garcia Villa was a Filipino poet and short story writer. The characters of his story "The Fence" are Aling Biang, her husband, Aling Sebia, and their children.

Reaction of the fence by-jose garcia villa?

Fence is made to separate and enclose two ownerships-land or space is one. It symbolizes that that property is exclusive only and that no one is allowed to trespass. Thus, the separation also leads to separation of lives among people. Neighbours are good example of this one and because of this communication and building relationship are deemed to create. Neighbours are said to be the extension of a family since they are the nearest people to approach in times of needs and someone to talk to when there are problems within the family, but of course limitations are still considered. In the story, Aling Biang and Aling Sebia are good representation of what a typical neighbourhoods are. Aling Biang is a self-centered and selfish person while Aling Sebia is the opposite of hers. Their characteristics are said to be seen most of the time among neighbors because neighborhoods do not want to be close nor to build a relationship among them. These result to arrogance and becoming insensitive of the existence of each other. Because of arrogance, one is always want to be above of the others. In the story, Aling Biang and Aling Sebia, because of the fence that separate them never had communication anymore and because of this both do not know about each other's situation. Aling Sebia is a childless widow but bore a child after years. Aling Biang never cares nor asks her who is with him right now since she was widow for years now. I tried to understand the story and I considered that the new partner of Aling Sebia is the husband of Aling Biang, who actually left after Aling Biang created the fence because he never like her wife's action and Aling Biang never tried to look for him. And their children's freedom to know who there neighbour is affected. Aling Biang just continues on fixing the fence that separates the two houses. Aling became insensitive of the feelings of her husband and children and already forgotten her role as wife and mother and focused on what she wanted to do-separating the two houses. The society tells that the role of being wife and mother should come first. Because, like Aling Biang, husband might not handle the attitude of the partner and look for other partner who will be more wifely. Their children, as a result, would not be sociable because the parents never taught them to do so.