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ano kkau chix ang hirap mg hanap no

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Q: A mixed tide is characterized by what?
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How many ebb tides are in a mixed tide?

A mixed tide has two ebb tides. The first ebb tide occurs after the high tide, followed by a lower low tide known as a "slack tide." This is then followed by the second ebb tide before the next high tide.

Kind of tide that occurs when the Sun Earth and the Moon line up together?

It is called Mixed tide.

What type of economy can the us be characterized as?

A mixed economy

What is a mixed tide?

2 high tides and 2 low tides in one day. All of them have different heights (Ex. One high high tide, then one high low tide, then a low high tide, then a low low tide.

What is a mixed semidiurnal tide?

A mixed semidiurnal tide is a type of tide pattern where two high tides and two low tides occur each day, but with varying heights. This means that the high and low tides are not of equal height, creating a mix of semidiurnal (twice daily) tide characteristics.

Mixed economy?

A mixed economy is a type of economic system. It is characterized by a system that is between public and private enterprises.

Which ethnic group is characterized as being of mixed white and Amerindian ancestry?


Which ethnic group is characterized as being of mixed black and white ancestry?


What does characterized by more government ownership and central planning mean?

mixed economy

A economic system is characterized by much government involvement lack of private ownership and elimination of economic classes.?

The answer is Mixed

Which is not a depositional shoreline feature?

A tidal flat is not a depositional shoreline feature; rather, it is an intertidal area characterized by mud or sand flats that are exposed during low tide and submerged during high tide.

Name of Tide after first and third quarter?

The name of the third quarter tide is called a neap tide. They are Spring tides that occur when the Sun and Moon line up.