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Q: ANO ANG Kahulugan ng human poverty index sa tagalog?
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Define the human poverty index?

The human poverty index is a collection of statistics set to measure the human condition. The different statistics are combined to make the index.

Disadvantages of the human poverty index?


What is the definition of poverty?

There is no common definition for poverty that is accepted by all countries and organisations. Generally poverty refers to material deprivation and the state of being deficient in means of subsistence. What is more useful in defining poverty is to look at different measurements of poverty which is used. For example, the United Nations use the Human Poverty Index to rate the poverty of a country. There is also the Multidimensional Poverty Index used by the World Bank. Another measurement or index used is the Human Development Index, as well as the Human Deprivation Index. To complicate this further some measurements also focus on one aspect or group, like the Gender Poverty Index, the Gender Development Index or the Water Poverty Index. All of this shows that defining poverty is extremely complex as there is still no agreement on what poverty is exactly.

Where might one find statistics for Africa's poverty issues?

To find statistics on Africa, particularly poverty levels, one should visit the official Human Poverty Index. Alternatively, try webpages such as the 'world-poverty' webpage.

What was the rank of India in the recently released data for human poverty index for the listed 135 nations?

88th rank

What is poverty gap index?

i hav no answer

Does Zambia have a good economy?

Zambia does not have a good economy, 68% of the population live below the recognised poverty line. In terms of the global index, Zambia ranks 117th out of 128 on the 'poverty index'

How is the development status of a country determine developed developing and so on?

the human development index (HDI)

Which state in India isn't a low poverty state?

its bihar according to Indian government survey where poverty index is around 51 percent

How is the development status is a country determined?

The human developing index (hdi)

What is headcount index?

The proportion of the population with a standard of living below the poverty line The Head Count Index (H) is the proportion of the population whose economic welfare (y) is less than the poverty line (z). If q people are deemed to be poor in a population of size n then H=q/n. For computing the Head Count Index, estimates of individual economic welfare and the poverty line are required.

What does India rank in Multidimensional Poverty Index based poverty ranking among 104 developing countries?

India's Rank is 63 out of 104 countries