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Q: 3 pangkat ng pagkain masustansya na kailangan sa katawan?
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What is the meaning of pangkat etniko?

English translation of pangkat etniko: ethnic group

Sinu-sino ang pangkat etniko ng luzon?

pangkat etniko in luzon

Sinu-sino ang pangkat-etniko sa luzon?

sinu-sino ang pangkat etniko sa luzon

Ano ang 2 uri ng pangkat etniko?

Mayorya-nakararamiang kanilang pangkat. Halimbawa: tagalog,bicolano,Muslim,waray

Who are the pangkat etniko in the Philippines?

walang kwenta

Uri ng pamumuhay ng mga pangkat etniko sa visayas?

ano ang paraan ng pamumuhay ng pangkat-etniko

What are the other pangkat etniko and their special thing?

pangkat etniko or IP(Indigenous Peple) in short. There are many tribes of pangkat etniko here in the philippines. They have their own language,rituals or even have their own styles of fashions. But, many of them just wore their traditional dresses as of now..

What is the meaning of pangkat-etniko?

English translation of pangkat etniko: ethnic group

Ano anu ang mga pangkat pangkat etnolinggwistiko sa pilipinas?

Dahil ang ibang pangkat etniko ay nakatira sa mindoro

Ano ang pangkat etnolingguwistiko?

etnisidad at pamahalaan

What actors and actresses appeared in Pangkat Do or Die - 1980?

The cast of Pangkat Do or Die - 1980 includes: Jay Ilagan Rey Malonzo Bembol Roco Ace Vergel

Who are the KATUTUBONG Filipino?

The KATUTUBONG Filipino refers to indigenous peoples or ethnic groups in the Philippines who are considered the original inhabitants of the islands before the arrival of other cultures. These communities have distinct cultures, languages, and traditions that are integral to the country's cultural diversity.