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It Means that when you are dating or with someone they support you 100 percent on the person you are with.

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Word meaning for Ako in Chinese?


What is the meaning of bawi ako?

Next time

List of Philippine folk songs and meaning?

ako nga naghahanap bakit ako kailangan sumagot

What is the meaning of naawa ako sa kanya?

English translation of naawa ako sa kanya: I pity him.

What is the English for 'Namimiss mo ako'?

"Namimiss mo ako?" pertains presumptive thought, anyway it's equivalent expression in English would be "Did you miss me?".

What are the modes of expression in African music?

tang ina nagtanong din ako gago

What is the meaning per line of waray ako sabot?

waray ako sabot means wala akong maintindihan....

What is the meaning of manufactured process solution?

ambot ha imo boang ka man dong pina answer mo man ako,ako an napangotana ako pa an ma answer

What course to take for B.S.ECE undergraduate to aviation?

ewan..:)) hahaha ang sama nagghahanap ako ng question na to ewan lang sagot tntntnt

What is the meaning of galit ako sa'yo?

Galit ako sa'yo means "I am angry with you" or "I hate you" in the tagalog language, which is the national language of the Philippines.

What is the meaning of ours is a finite earth?

ano bayan ako ng ang nagtatanong eh ako ung tinanong mo

What are the parts and meaning of skeletal system?

kiss mo muna ako!!

What is the meaning of dili-dili?

nagtatanong ako wala namang sagot?!

What is the meaning of gutom na ako-?

It means I'm Hungry - in Filipino language.

How do literary devices contribute to overall meaning of the story?

bobo nyo kaya nga ako nag reresearh tapos ako ang inyong pagsasagotin bobo

Meaning of department of health?

Malay ko! bat ako ang tatanungen mu?!

What is the meaning of nakaliligalig?

ewan ko sa'yo ..ako nga nag tatanong e

Bigyan niyo naman ako ng talumpati ng pamamaalam?

masaya akong nakasma kayo at sama hndi tayo mag kakalimotan kahit Hindi na tayo mag kikita pa

What is the meaning of octavina?

aba ewan .. ako nga nagtatanong eh .. ang kuleT !! c(:

What is the meaning of gutom na ako?

I'm hungry. Its a filipino word. It means IM HUNGRY!!!

What is the meaning of personal ecology?

ano ba yan ako yung na ngangailangan ng tanong eh! tpos ngayon ako ang tatanonungin kung ano ito! PUNYETA!

Meaning of non-rationalism of filipino?

tang ina! nagtatanong ako sasagutin ko rin..

Meaning of sikolohiya ng Filipino?

Hi pro ako c Nichole entrolizo hello as lahat:-)

What is the answer to this logical question pumara ako sumakay ako umupo ako sumandal ako bumaba ako anong dala ko?

Hindi KO alam

Meaning of the affixes of subway?

hayy nako nag hahanap nga rin ako ng sagot ee.. ))))))