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what is mabuhay in ifugao

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Q: What is mabuhay in ifugao word?
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Translation of the word mabuhay in different languages?

It would be helpful if you tell us what language the word mabuhay is.

What does the Tagalog word Mabuhay mean?

Mabuhay = live

What is mabuhay in an Indian language?

Mabuhay is the Tagalog word for "live." It is a language of the Philippines, not India.

What is mabuhay in icelandic?

Mabuhay appears to be the Filipino word for "live." Live in icelandic is lifa.

What is mabuhay in bicolano?

mabuhay kayo

What is mabuhay term in Bicolano?

mabuhay kayo

How do you say mabuhay in Egypt?

mabuhay in egypt

What is kodla of ifugao?

Kodla is from the ifugao

What is good morning in the ifugao word?

maphod an biggatna (tuwali version)

What is the maranao translation ng long live and mabuhay?


What is mabuhay mean in Tagalog?

English translation of mabuhay: live

What you mean by mabuhay in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of mabuhay: live

What is the Japanese term of mabuhay?

The japanese term of mabuhay is"Banzai".

What is the population of Barangay Mabuhay?

Barangay Mabuhay's population is 8,772.

What is the population of Ifugao?

Ifugao's population is 180,711.

Who is the composer of mabuhay rizal?

Jose Rizal is the composer of Mabuhay Rizal.

What is a meaning of ifugao victory dance?

what is meaning of ifugao

How do you say mabuhay in cebuano?

It's the same with Tagalog, it's still Mabuhay.

When was Mabuhay Satellite Corporation created?

Mabuhay Satellite Corporation was created in 1994.

What is the area of Barangay Mabuhay?

The area of Barangay Mabuhay is 245 square kilometers.

When was Barangay Mabuhay created?

Barangay Mabuhay was created on 1857-02-20.

What is mabuhay in ilocano?

i have ?

What is the meaning of ifugao's victory dance?

what is ifugao victory dance

When was Ifugao created?

Ifugao was created on 1966-06-18.

What is the area of Ifugao?

The area of Ifugao is 2,628.2 square kilometers.