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saan matatagpuan ang lake baikal ? silangang mediterranean,pilipinas,timog asya,silangang asya himalayas sa timog asya.

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Polly Nitzsche

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โˆ™ 2021-10-19 22:38:21
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Q: Saan matatagpuan ang sa Pilipinas
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saan matatagpuan ang lake baikal ? silangang mediterranean,pilipinas,timog asya,silangang asya himalayas sa timog asya.

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sa rehiyon ng ilocos

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Negros Occidental

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Sa Mindanao

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tae ka :P:P:P

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correct answer sa pilipinas

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Nueva ejica,tarlac,zambales,Pampanga,bulacan at

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Matatagpuan ang china sa silangang asya ๐Ÿ˜Š

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ang bansang Pilipinas ay matatagpuan sa HILAGANG Hating Globoby:Karen Caenri

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a. Palawan b. Sulu c. Maynila d. Mindoro e. Zamboanga

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ang caspian sea ay matatagpuan sa russia

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Matatagpuan ang Mt.Mayon sa Albay, 300 km southeast of Manila