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sa rehiyon ng ilocos

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Q: Saan lokasyon sa pilipinas matatagpuan ang pandaka pygmea?
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Related questions

Where was Philippines' smallest freshwater pandaka pygmea first discovered?

pandaca pygmea

What is the smallest fish in the pilippines?

pandaka pygmea

Which is bigger plankton or pandaka pygmea?

Plankton are usually smaller than Pandaka pygmea. Plankton range from less than 0.2 µm to 20mm+. Pandaka pygmea are usually 1-1.5cm - so some megaplankton will be larger, but in general plankton will be smaller.

Where do you find the pandaka pygmea?

Its the shortest fresh water fish from the Philippines

Where can pandaka pygmea be found?

We can find it in here in the philippines. It's in Lake Buhi, Camarines.

World smallest fish?

pandaka pygmea-found in the Philippines about 1/2 inch in lenght.

Pinakamaliit na isda sa pilipinas?

dwarf goby(pandaca pygmea)

Picture ng pandaca pygmea?

is pandaca pygmea the smallest fish? is pandaca pygmea the smallest fish?

Picture of pandaca pygmea?

Try searching for Dwarf Goby. It's the English name for Pandaca Pygmea.

Phylum of pandaca pygmea?


What is the world's smallest fish?

pandaca pygmea

What is the smallest fish in biology?

pandaca pygmea

What is pandaca pygmea?

smallest fish in the whole world

What are the names of the largest and smallest fish in the world?

whale shark and pandaca pygmea

What is the scientific name of pandaca pygmea?

Well,I think,"pandaca pygmea",is already the scientific name ofit and at the same time,it's already the common name.because not all of the organisms have common name or scientific name.

Ano ang pinaka maliit na isda sa boung mundo?

pandaca pygmea

What is the worlds smallest fish?

Originated from the philippines, its called " Pandaca Pygmea" its lenght is half the size of a rice granules.YEAH

Ano ang pinaka maliit na isda sa pilipinas?

Pandaca pygmaea # Pandaca Pygmea - may habang 9.6 milimetro, halos kasinlaki ng isang butil ng bigas. # Tabios- may habang 3 hanggang 4 milimetro ay natatagpuan sa Lawa Lake Buhi sa Camarines Sur.

How many endangered species are there in the Philippines?

i know of 11 1. monkey eating eagle 2. Philippine tarsier 3. dugong 4. tamaraw 5.Philippine mouse deer 6.Philippine crocodile 7. butanding 8.dwarf goby(pandaca pygmea) 9. sinarapan 10. bayawak 11. pawikan

Who is in the tortoise family?

Nobody is in the tortoise family. but if you mean what animals are in the tortoise faimly then look up this website.I got this off at the taxonomy paragraph* Chersina ** Chersina angulata, Bowsprit Tortoise * Cylindraspis (All species Extinct) ** Cylindraspis indica, synonym Cylindraspis borbonica** Cylindraspis inepta ** Cylindraspis peltastes ** Cylindraspis triserrata ** Cylindraspis vosmaeri * Dipsochelys ** Dipsochelys abrupta (Extinct) ** Dipsochelys arnoldi, Arnold's Giant Tortoise, ** Dipsochelys daudinii (Extinct) ** Dipsochelys dussumieri, Aldabra Giant Tortoise, common synonyms Geochelone gigantea, Aldabrachelys gigantea ** Dipsochelys grandidieri (Extinct) ** Dipsochelys hololissa, Seychelles giant tortoise * Geochelone** Geochelone carbonaria, Red-Footed Tortoise; sometimes placed in distinct genus Chelonoidis ** Geochelone chilensis, Chaco or Chilean Tortoise; sometimes placed in distinct genus Chelonoidis ** Geochelone denticulata, Yellow-Footed Tortoise; sometimes placed in distinct genus Chelonoidis ** Geochelone elegans, Indian Star Tortoise ** Geochelone nigra, Galápagos Giant Tortoise; sometimes placed in distinct genus Chelonoidis ** Geochelone pardalis, Leopard Tortoise; sometimes placed in distinct genus Stigmochelys or in Psammobates ** Geochelone platynota, Burmese Star Tortoise ** Geochelone radiata, Radiated Tortoise; sometimes placed in distinct genus Astrochelys ** Geochelone sulcata, African Spurred Tortoise (Sulcata Tortoise) ** Geochelone yniphora, Angulated Tortoise, Madagascan (Plowshare) Tortoise; sometimes placed in distinct genus Astrochelys * Gopherus ** Gopherus agassizii, Desert Tortoise ** Gopherus berlandieri, Texas Tortoise ** Gopherus flavomarginatus, Bolson Tortoise ** Gopherus polyphemus, Gopher Tortoise * †Hadrianus ** Hadrianus corsoni (syn. H. octonarius) ** Hadrianus robustus ** Hadrianus schucherti ** Hadrianus utahensis * Homopus ** Homopus aerolatus, Parrot-Beaked Cape Tortoise ** Homopus boulengeri, Boulenger's Cape Tortoise ** Homopus femoralis, Karroo Cape Tortoise ** Homopus signatus, Speckled Cape Tortoise, Speckled Padloper ** Homopus bergeri, Berger's Cape Tortoise, Nama padloper, synonym Homopus solus * Indotestudo ** Indotestudo elongata, Elongated Tortoise ** Indotestudo forstenii, Travancore Tortoise, Forsten's Tortoise ** Indotestudo travancorica, Travancore Tortoise * Kinixys ** Kinixys belliana, Bell's Hinge-Backed Tortoise ** Kinixys erosa, Serrated Hinge-Backed Tortoise ** Kinixys homeana, Home's Hinge-Backed Tortoise ** Kinixys lobatsiana, Lobatse Hingeback Tortoise ** Kinixys natalensis, Natal Hinge-Backed Tortoise ** Kinixys spekii, Speke's Hingeback Tortoise * Malacochersus ** Malacochersus tornieri, Pancake Tortoise * Manouria ** Manouria emys, Brown Tortoise (Mountain Tortoise) ** Manouria impressa, Impressed Tortoise * Psammobates ** Psammobates geometricus, Geometric Tortoise ** Psammobates oculifer, Serrated Star Tortoise ** Psammobates tentorius, African Tent Tortoise * Pyxis ** Pyxis arachnoides, Madagascan Spider Tortoise ** Pyxis planicauda, Madagascan Flat-Tailed Tortoise * Stylemys (Genus extinct) ** Stylemys botti ** Stylemys calaverensis ** Stylemys canetotiana ** Stylemys capax ** Stylemys conspecta ** Stylemys copei ** Stylemys emiliae** Stylemys frizaciana ** Stylemys karakolensis ** Stylemys nebrascensis (syn. S. amphithorax) ** Stylemys neglectus ** Stylemys oregonensis ** Stylemys pygmea ** Stylemys uintensis ** Stylemys undabuna * Testudo ** Testudo atlas, Atlas tortoise, Colossochelys (Extinct) ** Testudo graeca, Greek Tortoise (Spur-Thighed Tortoise) ** Testudo hermanni, Herman's Tortoise ** Testudo horsfieldii, Russian Tortoise (Horsfield's Tortoise, or Central Asian Tortoise) ** Testudo kleinmanni, Egyptian Tortoise, incl. Negev Tortoise ** Testudo marginata, Marginated Tortoise ** Testudo nabeulensis, Tunisian Spur-thigh Tortoise

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