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itanong mo sa lola mo..

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They were executed by garrote in 17 February 1872 in Bagumbayan, Philippinesย 

What were the native inhabitants called

What were the people called with Spanish blood

The opening of suez canal, one of the important artificial waterways in the worldย  was onย ย 

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Q: Kaisipan ng el filibusterismo kabanata 1?
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Hayop ka!

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ang script ng el filibusterismo ay hind ko alam!! by:jpr

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Si smigul ay nakatira sa kubyerta . nakilala nya si totoy brown ,. na bumibili ng gluta .

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wala ko kabalo

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sino ba

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lumaki ang etits ni basilio.. tinira si juli..

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Eksistensyalismo Romantisismo Klasismo Arkitaypal

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i dont know thats why im asking

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Hanap kpa sa iba. Wla tong kwenta eh:)))))))))))))

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Jose Rizal

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