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Ibong Adarna is one of the protagonist in the story

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Q: Who is the protagonist in the story of ibong adarna?
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Climax of ibong adarna?

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How is the conflict solved in ibong adarna?

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Who is Pedro in the story Ibong Adarna?

Si Pedro ang kapatid ni Juan sa ibong adarna...

Plot of the story in ibong adarna?

A 15th-century epic about integrity, peer pressure and superficiality, in various versions throughout the Philippines and of unclear authorship functions as a brief summary of the Tagalog tale called Bird Story (Ibong Adarna). It presents Don Juan, youngest son of King Fernando and Doña Valeriana of Berbanya, finding the Adarna bird to sing his father back to health, freeing his older brothers, Don Pedro and Don Diego, from the stone forms in which the Adarna bird imprisons them, releasing the Princesses Juana and Leonora from their respectively giant and seven-headed serpent captors and winning permission to marry Doña Maria Bianca, daughter of King Salermo of the Reino de los Cristales (Crystal Kingdom). Don Juan represents a good person whose qualities the treachery of his two brothers -- in beating him almost to death, letting him fall to the bottom of a well and stealing his beloved -- wear away by causing him to abandon his family home for adventure on Mount Armenya and his fiancée for his original (but less desirable) beloved and leading him to a humiliating fate of being whipped in public for jilting Doña Maria and reclaiming Princess Leonora.

Where is the setting of ibong adarna story?

Kingdom of Berbania

Where does ibong adarna lives?

Ibong Adarna is the magical bird from the Filipino mythical story of the same title. On story, the bird lives deep in the forest and its voice has healing power.

What are the questions that you can ask in ibong adarna?

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What are the similarities of ibong adarna and Cain and abel?

Both the Biblical story of Cain and Abel and the Spanish story of Ibong Adarna focus on a brother's (or two brothers' in the story of Ibong Adarna) jealousy toward the favoritism showed by their parents toward another brother. In both stories, this jealous brings trickery and harm to befall the favored brother.