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bakit pinatay si Genaral Luna

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Q: Was General Luna murder justified
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Was general luna murdered justified?

bakit pinatay si Genaral Luna

Why was Emilio Aguinaldo does not considered as a national hero?

He headed the murder of Andres Bonifacio and General Luna

Can murder be justified?

Murder can be justified in cases such as the preservation of human life or in the case of self defence. This is very controversial as many people believe that how can some one judge what is justified to what is not.

What are the release dates for Justified - 2010 A Murder of Crowes 5-1?

Justified - 2010 A Murder of Crowes 5-1 was released on: USA: 7 January 2014

What does the mita was just murder mean?

A just murder is a Justified murder. A murder with a good reason. For eksampel. A psycho kills your wife in front of you. Then you kill the psycho. Your murder i a Just murder.

Should murder be legal?

No, it should not be. Unless of course the murder is justified in a court of law and the person is scentenced to death.

What is the alias of general antonio Luna?


Are the current massacres against Muslims in Myanmar justifiable?

no.a murder is never justified

Do you think that the Holocaust can be justified?

Everything can be justified in someone's mind, no matter how barbaric. Those guilty of murder often think that they were justified in what they did. So the question is not does any one person think that the Holocaust can be justified, it is does society think it can be justified... the mass of people thinking as a unit. And the answer to that is always a resounding No.

Is terrorism a justified reaction to oppression?

That is like asking if Mass murder is a justifiable response to Mass Murder The answer is NO two wrongs do not make a right

Contribution of antonio Luna in the Philippines?

Antonio Luna organized units of guerilla soldiers, known as Luna sharpshooters, and a three-tier defense in the Philippine-American war. He was a General and one of the first ones to see action. His nickname was the Fiery General.

What are the traits of Antonio Luna?

General Antonio Luna was brave because he led his Filipino troops against the battle between Filipinos and Americans

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