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read Consuelo Paz's "Ang Filipino Bilang Linggwa Frangka" he elaborated it there

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Q: Bakit ang Filipino ay Tinatawag na Pambansang Lingua Franca?
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What is the meaning of lingua franca in term of filipino language?

Tagalog is the Lingua Franca of the philippines, meaning that it is widely spoken, but for most Filipinos, it is not a native language.

What is the comparative of National Language and Lingua Franca?

A national language is a language intended to bind a country together. It is usually the most widely spoken language in the country, but this is not always the case. A Lingua Franca is any language that is commonly used across borders, for ease of communication. English is the most widely used lingua franca in the world. French is still a lingua franca in many parts of Europe. Sometimes, a national language also functions as a Lingua Franca within a country, if that country has many languages. Filipino is the national language of the Philippines, and it is also considered to be a lingua franca within the Philippines because only a small percentage of the people speak Filipino as their first language.

Predominant world lingua franca?

The predominant world lingua franca is English.

What is the lingua franca of India and Pakistan?

The lingua franca of India and Pakistan is Urdu/Hindi.

What was the first lingua franca?

The first lingua franca--seen from a European perspective--was Latin.

Use lingua franca in a sentence?

The lingua franca in South America is currently Spanish.

Which countries are lingua franca?

A lingua franca is a common language that is used for communication between people of different languages and cultures. Lingua Franca is not a country, nor it is it located in any specific countries.

What is the lingua franca of the world?

The current lingua franca is English, but that may be set to change in the next few years.

What is the lingua franca for India and Pakistan?

The lingua franca for India and Pakistan is Hindi/Urdu--which are functionally the same language.

Countries that have taken measures to preserve the lingua franca?

The Lingua Franca status is a descriptive term, and not a fixed status. Lingua Francas cannot be preserved. They change with the times.

What is the global lingua franca?


What is indochinas lingua franca?