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Q: Who is a better kisser riko or ako?
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Who is a better kisser Joe or Nick?

who is a better kisser well sorry joe but i think nick would hbe a great kisser

How can you be a better kisser?

practice makes perfect.

What has the author Riko Debenjak written?

Riko Debenjak has written: 'Riko Debenjak'

How do you become a better kisser?

"Practice Makes Perfect"

How do i become a better kisser?

practice makes perfect! =)

What is the birth name of Riko Narumi?

Riko Narumi's birth name is Riko Tsukamoto.

Who does keita choose ako or riko?

He can't choose between them. But its definitely one of the twins, not the underaged girl, weirdo teacher, or girl with the bladder propblems :P

When was Riko Schatke born?

Riko Schatke was born in 1959.

How tall is Riko Narumi?

Riko Narumi is 163 cm.

What is a good bet between boyfriend and girlfriend?

Who's the better kisser.

What if your girlfriend is a bad kisser what do you do?

Try & show her how to get better, practice alot.

Who are the characters in KissxSis?

Keita, Riko, and Ako Suminoe Yuuzuki, and Mikazuki Kiryuu Miharu Mikuni Keita's Mother and Father And Keita's friends (one named Toda Edogawa)

What actors and actresses appeared in Riko and the Rain Cloud - 2014?

The cast of Riko and the Rain Cloud - 2014 includes: Anneliese Poggensee as Riko

What is Riko Narumi's birthday?

Riko Narumi was born on August 18, 1992.

When was Riko Narumi born?

Riko Narumi was born on August 18, 1992.

When was Riko Yoshida born?

Riko Yoshida was born on 1999-10-28.

When was Riko Higashio born?

Riko Higashio was born on 1975-11-18.

When was Riko Tachibana born?

Riko Tachibana was born on 1984-11-10.

How do you tell your boyfriend he is a bad kisser?

Tell him. Be open about it, try and help him get better and hopefully he will.

Does playing an instrument make you a better kisser?

Definitely. Or at least you get more opportunity to work on it.

What is the birth name of Andreas Kisser?

Andreas Kisser's birth name is Kisser, Andreas Rudolf.

When was Riko Eklundh born?

Riko Eklundh was born on March 17, 1965, in Helsinki, Finland.

When was Riko Suzuki born?

Riko Suzuki was born on September 1, 1995, in Chiba, Japan.

What rhymes with kisser?

Fissure is a near rhyme with kisser.

How do you say kisser in Finnish?

'Kisser' in Finnish is 'suu'.