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Who is Uri Zohar?

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Uri Zohar (born 1935, Tel Aviv, Israel), is an Israeli film director and actor.

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When was Uri Zohar born?

Uri Zohar was born in 1935, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

What has the author Uri Zohar written?

Uri Zohar has written: '\\' -- subject(s): Biography, Jews, Jewish way of life, Return to Orthodox Judaism

What actors and actresses appeared in Lool - 1988?

The cast of Lool - 1988 includes: Arik Einstein Uri Gross Shalom Hanoch Talia Shapira Tzvi Shissel Uri Zohar

What actors and actresses appeared in Lool - 1969?

The cast of Lool - 1969 includes: Arik Einstein Uri Gross Shalom Hanoch Talia Shapira Tzvi Shissel Uri Zohar

What is the birth name of Zohar Argov?

Zohar Argov's birth name is Zohar Orqabi.

How do you put the word zohar in a sentence?

Zohar is a mystical work.

When was Ouriel Zohar born?

Ouriel Zohar was born in 1952.

What is the time of namaze zohar in India?

namaze zohar in india

When was Israel Zohar born?

Israel Zohar was born in 1945.

When was Rivka Zohar born?

Rivka Zohar was born in 1948.

How tall is Nadav Zohar?

Nadav Zohar is 5' 9".

How tall is Yuval Zohar?

Yuval Zohar is 6' 2".

When was Zohar Manna born?

Zohar Manna was born in 1939.

When was Danah Zohar born?

Danah Zohar was born in 1945.

When was Zohar Zisapel born?

Zohar Zisapel was born in 1949.

When was Zohar Amar born?

Zohar Amar was born in 1960.

How old is Yael Bar-Zohar?

Yael Bar-Zohar is 31 years old (birthdate: January 29, 1980).

How many pages does the Zohar have?

There are several different books with Zohar in the title.The Essential Zohar is by Rav P.S. Berg. It has 290 pages.

How many rakaat are there in zohar namaz?

Salah Zohar has 4 rakaats.

When was Avivi Zohar born?

Avivi Zohar was born on 1972-12-04.

When was Zohar Liba born?

Zohar Liba was born on September 20, 1977.

When was Alma Zohar born?

Alma Zohar was born on 1977-06-06.

When was Zohar - album - created?

Zohar - album - was created in 1995.

When was Itzik Zohar born?

Itzik Zohar was born on 1970-10-31.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ulai Terdu Sham - 1964?

The cast of Ulai Terdu Sham - 1964 includes: Mordecai Arnon Arik Einstein Yehuda Fuchs Dvora Kedar Uri Zohar

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