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traditional Parang is normal parang

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2012-12-08 20:09:01
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Q: What is traditional parang?
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What is the purpose of the tambourine in parang?

what is the purpose of parang

What is the English of parang?

A parang is a large hunting knife

How was the parang used in their defense of malaya?

The parang is a traditional farming tool in Malaya, serving as a chopper as well as a blade. In the olden days, farmers only need to bring along the parang as the sole tool/weapon when they enter the dense tropical jungle of Malaya. They did not even need an axe with the parang around. It is not surprising if the British soldiers and the local carried parang to clear paths in dense jungles of Malaya. The parang have been used in battles in the past as it is the only weapon the natives had. So it is not inconceivable for the weaponless Malayan natives to use it against the Japanese during the defense of Malaya.

What is the meaning of parang in Tagalog?

Parang can mean FIELD or IT'S LIKE.

Halimbawa ng salitang pareho ang baybay ngunit magkaiba ng kahulugan?

supot supot supot-plastic and supot- not yet circumcised :) parang-parang parang- Hindi alam parang- malawak na lugar

What is the epic of parang sabil?

"PARANG SABIL" means "SUICIDE"..its a story of hadj. Indah ANNURA..

How did parang started?


What two types of parang music played in Trinidad?

what are two types of parang music played in trinidad

Ano ang ibig sabihin ng malamlam?

ito ay parang malunkot parang pek2

What language was parang sung?


What are traditions in Trinidad and tobago?

dancing to the music of paranda or parang. sing at Christmas the music called parang. cooking pastalles.

What are spanish traditions in trinidad and tobago?

dancing to the music of paranda or parang. sing at christmas the music called parang. cooking pastalles.

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