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Nude, bare, stripped, uncovered, in the raw, undressed

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Q: What is the synonyms of naked?
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Is covered and bare are the antonyms?

yes they are antonyms. bare and naked are synonyms.

What are synonyms of the word undressed?

There are very little synonyms for the word 'undressed'. However the few available include: deshabille, dishabille, naked and nude. However the word 'undress' has a lot more synonyms.

What is a synonym for bare?

The synonyms depend on how the word is used in context. The adjective bare (uncovered) can have the synonyms naked, exposed, undressed or unclad. The adjective bare (having no addition) can have the synonyms blank, bleak, barren, empty, destitute, or devoid. The verb bare (to expose) has the synonyms reveal, divulge, or uncover.

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They are synonyms.

Is it butt-naked or buck-naked?

It's both, the term butt naked is derived from the term buck naked. The term buck naked came from the word ''buckskin'' which means naked skin) However butt naked is a mispronunciation of buck naked. So, essentially buck naked came first, butt naked was used later.

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