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The tagalog of the answer is!sagot

the tagalog of is that you!ikaw yon

the tagalog of she is!babae

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the prefix to the word repay is re

i will repay the amount by next wednesday

softball in Tagalog: softball (no Tagalog translation)

cauliflower in Tagalog: cauliflower (no Tagalog translation)

The duration of I Will Repay - film - is 1.17 hours.

Tagalog of about: tungkol

Tagalog translation of simulation: paimbabaw

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Tagalog translation of score: puntos

Thyme in tagalog can be translated to tim sa tagalog.

It could also be โ€œpookโ€œ

English translation of TAGALOG: Tagalog

Does the question means '' What is cucumber in Tagalog?'' or ''What is the Tagalog of cucumber?'' If yes, the tagalog word for cucumber is ''Pipino''.

If you're trying to say 'I'm learning Tagalog' in Tagalog, then it's 'Nag-aaral ako ng Tagalog.'

Tagalog is spoken in the Philippines tagalog is and older version of Filipino. kumusta po kayo? -- means how are you in Tagalog

example of tagalog thesis example of tagalog thesis

Thyme in tagalog can be translated to tim sa tagalog.

the unique tagalog proverb are the verbs with tagalog language

I Will Repay - film - was created in 1923.

Tagalog translation for answer: sagot

what is skype in tagalog

Tagalog translation of in: sa

it is lumot in tagalog