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Q: What is the mean livelihood of ifugao?
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What is kodla of ifugao?

Kodla is from the ifugao

What does TLE mean?

Technology and Livelihood Education!!!

What does sustainable livelihood mean?

Something xdd

What is mabuhay in ifugao word?

what is mabuhay in ifugao

What is the population of Ifugao?

Ifugao's population is 180,711.

What is a meaning of ifugao victory dance?

what is meaning of ifugao

What is the meaning of ifugao's victory dance?

what is ifugao victory dance

When was Ifugao created?

Ifugao was created on 1966-06-18.

What is the area of Ifugao?

The area of Ifugao is 2,628.2 square kilometers.

What is the importance of painting?

Paintings serve as decorations. It is a mean of livelihood.

History of ifugao Victory dance?

history of ifugao victorydance province

What is the similarities of ifugao?

the similar of ifugao is not really bad that they create the fabris or dresses

What is the translation of what is my name in ifugao dialect?

what is my name is in ifugao

What is Ako po si in ifugao dialect?

ako po si in ifugao

When was Ifugao State University created?

Ifugao State University was created in 1920.

What is mean by subsistence?

"Subsistence" is ones livelihood or means of supporting life.

What is the livelihood in NCR?

Livelihood in ncr

What does 'gappung' mean?

they say its from the hingyon municipality in ifugao. sorry. but i dont recall wat it means.

What languages are spoken in ifugao Philippines?

The main languages of the province of Ifugao, Philippines are:IfugaoIlocanoTuwaliKalanguyaTagalogEnglish

Where is ifugao?

Ifugao is a province of the Philippines in the Luzon region. See related link for a map.

Technology and livelihood education - Philippines?


Who provided the means of the livelihood in the cave?

Perhaps you mean when people lived in caves. Chiefly men provided means of livelihood though women also helped them.

How does urban livelihood differs from rural livelihood?

Rural livelihoods are outside and urban livelihood are inside.

Ano kaugalian at tradisyon ng ifugao?

ano ang mga tradisyon ng mga ifugao ano ang mga tradisyon ng mga ifugao

What are the ethnic instrument of ifugao?

the ethnic instruments of Ifugao is very important. It tells us our history.