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Q: What is the English of sinigang na baboy?
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What is the favourite food of Ramon Magsaysay?

Sinigang na Baboy

What is kathryn bernardo 's favorite food?

sinigang na baboy.

What do the Filipino people eat?

Filipinos eat a variety of main dishes including "Tinolang Manok", "Adobo", 'Sinigang na Baboy"; but in every meal there is rice. Rice is the staple food.

Paano magluto ng sinigang na hipon?

pano mag luto ng sinigang na hipon

What is Ferdinand Magellan favorite food?

sinigang na lapu-lapu

What is Ferdinand Magellan's favorite food?

sinigang na lapu-lapu

What is the English of sinigang?

tuknene mala ugat

What is the lesson of the story of centipede by rony diaz?

baboy korokoy na unggoy

Mga salita na nagtatapos sa oy?

Baboy, Komboy, Kuykoy

Ano ang hayop na makikita sa Afghanistan Afghanistan?

baboy at baka

Paraan ng pag aalaga ng baboy?

gumawa ng maluwag na kulungan

What injuries may harm the bone?

adobong cellphone sinigang na pako nilagang martilyo pinainit na bike at ang mabaho mo

Pagkain ng baboy?

ang pagkain po ng baboy ay kaning baboy

Putangina nyo gago ba kayo?

tama ka may point ka roon baboy na to

What is sinigang painting of vicente manansala?

why sinigang?

What is the exposition in the story sinigang?

What is the falling action in sinigang

What is the exposition in the short story sinigang?

What is the falling action in sinigang

How do you describe sinigang?

in the story of why sinigang how can you describe the philippine traditions in the essay

What a baboy is-Someone said it's in reference to Despicable Me?

Baboy is what minions say instead of toy.

What is the conflict of the story sinigang by marby villaceran?

man versus man was the conflict of the sinigang story

Why sinigang theme?


What is a payak na panungusap in English?

payak na pangungusap is simple sentence in english...^-^

What is Baboy in Bicol language?


Waterforms and landforms of the Philippines?


Can starfish multiply?

baboy ka