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It means: "In what chronological order does Gloria Arroyo rank as the president of the Republic of the Philippines"

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Q: What is the English of pang-ilang pangulo ng pilipinas si pang Gloria arroyo?
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Mga programa ng mga pangulo sa pilipinas?

ama ng masang pilipino-joseph estrada strong republic-gloria tuwid na daan-pnoy pilipino muna-carlos p garcia

Does Gloria macapagal arroyo shoul be the right one for the president's place or in tagalogkarapat dapat bang maging pangulo ng pilipinas si Gloria macapagal arroyo?

para sa akin,Hindi karapat dapat si Gloria macapagal arroyo dahil parang binabaliwala lang niya yung mga hinihinging tulong ng mga Filipino.

Lahat ng nagawa ni pangulong arroyo?

mga mabuting nagawa ni dating pangulo gloria macapagal arroyo?

Mga programa ng pangulo simula kay manuel roxas hanggang kay Gloria macapagal arroyo?

manuel roas

Mga programa ni Gloria arroy?

pagpapaunlad ng ekonomiya ng pilipinas

Mga nagawa ni gloria arroyo sa pilipinas?

ang kanyang nunal

What does De dรณnde es Gloria mean in english?

Translation: Where is Gloria from?

What is the English meaning of te doy Gloria?

i'd give it to gloria.

Ano ang nagawa ni pangulong Gloria macapagal arroyo sa pilipinas?


What does the latin word Gloria means in English?

Gloria in excelsis, glory in the highest

What does A Gloria Le Gusta la familia mean in English?

Gloria likes the family

What is 'glory' when translated from English to Italian?

"Glory" in English is gloria in Italian.

Ano ang nagawa ni gloria macapagal arroyo sa pilipinas?

nag kurakot,nag nakaw...

What is the English translation for Gloria Immortalis?

In English Gloria Immortalis is honestly a simple question it means what it sounds like; Immortal or Eternal Glory

What does Gloria Domino mean in English?

Glory to the Lord

How can translate this sentence in English pang lan pangulo si gma?

In the line/order of Philippine Presidents, what is GMA's rank? What position in the sequence of Philippine Presidents is GMA? ON WHAT NUMERICAL ORDER AS PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES IS GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO? Among the fifteen presidents of the Philippines, what place is GMA?

What does the latin phrase Gloria patri translate to in English?

The English translation of the Latin phrase "gloria patri" would be "glory to the Father" or "glory (be given) to the Father."

What does the female name Gloria mean in English?

Gloria.means Grace

Mga suliraning hinaharap ni Gloria macapagal arroyo?

Ang mga suliraning hinarap ni Pangulo ay ang: -Mindanao Massacre -ang kanyang sakit -at marami pang iba....

What is the English translation of Omnes qui solo Gloria Deo?

Omnes qui solo Gloria Deo is of Latin origin. The English translation for this phrase is 'all glory to God alone'.

What is the Gaelic translation for the English word Gloria?

In Irish it's "Glóir"

What is the English translation of soli Gloria deo?

Roughly, "To God be the glory"

What does Gloria in Excelsis Deo mean in English?

Glory to God in the Highest

Sinu-sino ang mga naging pangulo ng Pilipinas?

AGUINALDO, Gen. Emilio QUEZON, Manuel Luis OSMENA, Sergio LAUREL, Jose P. ROXAS, Manuel QUIRINO, Elpidio MAGSAYSAY, Ramon GARCIA, Carlos P. MACAPAGAL, Diosdado MARCOS, Ferdinand AQUINO, Corazon Cojuangco RAMOS, Fidel Valdez ESTRADA, Joseph Ejercito ARROYO, Gloria Macapagal Benigno, aquino III

Ano ang mga nagawa ni Pangulong Gloria Macapagal Arroyo sa Pilipinas?

siya ang nagbigay ng trabaho sa pilipinas,kung saan kasama dito ang paggawa ng mga tulay.. by:Lhadie.vanity