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Q: What is simili with example?
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Related questions

What are some example of sentence using simili?

life is like an onion

Ano ang mga halimbawa ng simili o pagtutulad?

halimbawa ng simili at metapora?

What is a simile for hot weather?

a simili for hot weather is " it's freezing hot outside"

What actors and actresses appeared in I due simili - 1912?

The cast of I due simili - 1912 includes: Gigetta Morano Eleuterio Rodolfi as Rodolfi

What is the definition of simili?

A simile is a figure of speech that compares two things using "like" or "as." An example would be "skinny as a rail" or "strong like an ox."

What part of speech is licence?

simili is one

Simile for the smell of mist?

simili with as he smell as rose

What figurative language is in Someone Like You by Adele?


Figures of speech in sonnet 29?

Metaphor,simili n symbolism

Halimbawa ng mga simili?

10 halimbawa ng simile

Mga halimbawa ng tayutay?


How do you spell simili?

Do you mean Simile, pronounced Sim-uh-lee

What actors and actresses appeared in Decadenza - 1975?

The cast of Decadenza - 1975 includes: Pietro Fraticelli Antonio Maria Magro Rossella Simili Raf Vallone

What is 'likes' when translated from English to Italian?

Piace and simili are Italian equivalents of the English word "likes." Context makes clear whether the third person singular of the present indicative verb (case 1) or the feminine/masculine plural noun (example 2) suits. The respective pronunciations will be "PYA-tchey" and "SEE-mee-lee" in Pisan Italian.

What are some poems with idiomatic expression and simili and metaphorand hyperboleand personification?

No, you need to ask one question at a time, and you really need to do the assignment yourself. Try asking for one thing at a time first.

Anu-ano ang mga uri ng tayutay?

Ang mga uri ng tayutay ay simili, metapora, personipikasyon, apostrope, pagmamalabis, panghihimig, pagpapalit-saklaw, at paglilipat-wika

What is versimilitude?

Verisimilitude is the believability of a fictional work. Does the performance and/or writing convince you that the action was possible even though you know it was fictional? Veri means truth. Simili means likeness. Tude is state of being. Having verisimilitude is having the appearance of truth.

Halimbawa ng metonimi?

1. simili 2. metapor 3. metonimi 4.sinekdoki 5.personipikasyon 6.onomatopeya 7.pun 8.hayperboli 9.hambing-tao

What do you say in Italian Both Italian and spanish are similar?

Le due lingue italiane e spagnole sono simili.(leh doo-eh leen-gweh ee-tal-ian-eh eh spah-nyol-eh soh-noh see-mee-lee)

What has the author Jacopo Alighieri written?

Jacopo Alighieri has written: 'Chiose alla cantica dell'Inferno de Dante Alighieri, pubblicate per la prima volta in corretta lezione con riscontri e fac-simili di codici, e precedute da una indagine critica per cura di Jarro (G. Piccini)' 'Chiose all'\\'

What is an example of a informative sentence?

what is the example for informative example for womens sports

What is the antonym for example?

There is no antonym for example, you can't have no example. Therefore there is no antonym for example.

What is Microsoft Word an example of?

It is an example of a word processor. It is an example of software. It is an example of an application.

What is an example of an example?

When some one asks to see something that is green and you show them grass, that would be showing them an example. This is an example of an example.

What is a example of non vascular?

It's ''an example'', NOT ''a example''.