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Q: What is The value of a the city different ruger model 1022 number 13 out of 25 editions?
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What is the value of a ruger 22lr auto?

Too vague a question. Ruger makes a range of pistols and rifles in this calibre, and they'll have standard editions, special editions, various finishes, etc. You would need to at least specify a model.

What is the value of a ruger bearcat revolver model 918?

There is no such model number assocaited with the Ruger Bearcat. Do you mean the serial number is 918?

What model is the ruger 22 Lr with a serial number of 235268?

Virtually impossible to tell what model unless you go through all the sn's of all the different types of 22s Ruger has or does still make

When was ruger model 05849 made?

That is not a model number, but the serial number. Go to the Ruger website, look under customer service, historical data, Slect rifle, shotgun, pistol or revolver, then find your model. There is a serial number/ year list for all Ruger products.

What is the age of a Ruger Single Six serial 68-46277?

That is a New Model single Six from 1981. Serial number age for the different Ruger revolvers can be found on Rugers website.

Date manufactured ruger model rg23 Serial?

Ruger has never made a model with that number. You might be referring to a RG, which was made in Germany. No sn records.

What year is your ruger m77 338 if the model is 79-51197?

That's the serial number, not the model number. The year of manufacture appears to be 1984. More details can be had by leaving a message including the model of rifle and serial number with Ruger customer service at 603-865-2442.With the serial number that you have supplied,79-51197 your Ruger model 77 rifle was made in the year 1985.

When was a Ruger new model blackhawk serial number 051-37753 made?

A call to Ruger will get you the date it was made

How much is my ruger 1022 model number 12491397 worth?

it is worth ..............$$$$

What is the age of a Ruger M77 308 with serial number 71-51879?

Your Ruger model 77 dates to the year 1983 with the serial number that you have provided.

What is the age of a Ruger Single Six serial 21-06292?

Go to the Ruger website, click Customer Service, then historical data, handguns, your model- and there is a serial number range list for different years.

What is the value of a ruger model 999?

None of my references show a Model 999 made by Ruger as a rifle, shotgun, pistol or revolver. Are you sure it is a Ruger, and that 999 is the model number? Please provide some additional info (lie what type of firearm, description) and we will do our best to get you an answer.

When was your ruger handgun made?

Contact Ruger customer service through their website, with details on caliber, model numer, and serial number.

When was ruger blackhawk serial number 3808167 made?

Check Ruger website, under customer service, historical data. They have production dates by model, by serial number.

What is date of manufacture for Ruger rifle?

It would help if you gave the model number.

What year was ruger standard 22 auto pistol made ser 57887?

About 1953. Ruger lists the serial number ranges of different model firearms on their website, under customer service. Link to yours is below:

What year was the ruger single six serial number 69-02472 made?

Go to the Ruger website, customer service, historical data, revolver, find your model, and there is a serial number/ year of production list.With the serial number that you provided,your ruger single six was made by ruger in 1982.

What year is a Ruger 22 standard serial number 472xxx?

Go to the Ruger website. Customer Service, historical data, pistol, your model, and check serial number range.

Does the ruger serial number tell the year the rifle built?

It is close. And if you contact customer service at Ruger with make, model, and serial number, they can help. http:/

What is manufacture date of Ruger rifle 77047911?

Go to the Ruger website, select customer service, historical data, rifles, and find your model number. The site will list serial number ranges for each year- but requires the model number (which you did not give us),

Ruger 1022 bicentennial model?

Yes, Ruger made them

When was your ruger serial number 96338 made it is the standard model mark 1?

1954. Ruger website, customer service has year of production data.

How old is serial number 64-07091 ruger new model single six 22?

Your serial number indicates that your Ruger Single Six was made in late 1975.

How old is a Ruger Model RG23 22 6-shot pistol?

No such model in the Ruger line.

What year is a Ruger Mark you serial number 13-42459?

Please rephrase the question with the appropriate model designation. There is no "Mark You" model made by Ruger. You could be referring to the Mk. I, II, or III pistols, or the Mk. I rifle. <><><> Agree. If you go to the Ruger website, under Customer Service, select historical data, your TYPE of firearm, then the model, there is a list of serial number ranges by year. But no model you.