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What does ano ai kakou mean in English?

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It says "that love outfit"

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What is the hawaiian term for let's eat?

E 'ai kakou. (but there should be a kahako or straight line above the "a" in "kakou") E 'ai kakou. (but there should be a kahako or straight line above the "a" in "kakou")

What ai ai mean in English?

Romanian have

What does ai shiteru mean in English?

think it is have love

What does j ai mean in English?

J'ai means: I have

What does No Ai Te Wacho mean in English?

You are a fatty

What does Ai Sim mean in Portuguese?

'Ai Sim' in Portuguese means 'Oh Yes' in English.

What does ai donde estas mean in English?

"Right wher you are"

What does ai se eu te pego mean in English?

If I Catch You

What does arittake no ai de mean in english?

It means 'with all my love'.

What does ai mean in french?

"Ai" is the form of avoir("to have") used with "je"(equivalent to "I" in english). I have a dog: J'ai un chien.

What does Ai Enma mean in English?

Ai means love, and Enma is another word for Yama ( Buddhist judge of the Dead ).

Je n ai pas envie mean in English?

I don't want to

What does j ai un lapin aussi mean in English?

I have a rabbit also.

What does Shinken Shoubu no Ai mean in English?

A Real/true battle for love

What does agora sao que horas ai mean in English?

"Agora são que horas ai" means "what time is it now over there?".

What does Olea le kaimi eke amaka ai mean in English?

"What time do you start?"

What does Ni hai ai wo ma mean in English?

It means "Do you still love me?"

What does no ai mean in English?

The term,"no hay" means "there isn't any"or "there aren't any."

What does j' ai onze ans mean in English?

I am eleven years old.

What does lage nom ai-nom ai mean translated in English?

Lage Nom Ai Nom Ai is island patois which loosely translates: "The man who gave up his own name." "I am on I am on E gal" backwards?

What does ai mean in English?

It has several meanings, and without seeing the kanji, an accurate translation cannot be assured. However, it is likely that the 'ai' you are referring to means "love."

What does O-ai dekite ureshii desu mean?

"O-ai dekite ureshii desu" is a Japanese phrase and in English it means "Nice to meet you"

What does have y ar ai mean in Romanian language translate to English language?

Incorrect spelling

What does j ai la meilleure mean in English?

"J'ai la meilleure ..." means "I have the best ..."

What is the translation for Oriunde Ai Fi from Romanian to English?

The English language equivalent of oriunde ai fi is wherever you are.