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What are the example land resources of Philippines?

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What are the different land resources of the Philippines?

There are a variety of land resources found in the Philippines. These resources include the Ocean, minerals, major crops (such as rice, corn, and sugarcane), as well as flora.

What are examples of land resources?

Energy resources are the primary example of land resources. For example, solar energy, wind energy and power energy are all land resources.

What is the resources of the Philippines?

it can be land resources, forest resources, mineral resources, animal resources, water resources, energy resources....thats all i know =]

What are some examples of Land Resources?

Here's a example of land resources, the soil.

Examples of land resources in the Philippines?

Itanong nyu sa DOCTOR.....! ^^

3 major classification of resources in the Philippines?

land,labor and entrepreneur

Which country is known as the land of pearls?

The Philippines is known as the land of pearls. It is often called the "Pearl of the Orient Seas." The Philippines is rich in natural resources.

What are the example of scarce resources?

Example of some scarce resources are Oil, Paper, Gasoline and Land etc.

What are the natural resources of the Philippines?

Land resources of the Philippines are; The total land area of the Philippines is estimated to be 300,000 square kilometers. This is made up of forests, plains, mountains, plateaus, and the mineral reserves. The Constitution dictates our land resources to be classified to agricultural, forests or timber, mineral lands, and national parks. Our land resources are important to us as they provide most of our needs. We get our daily sustenance from the lands around us. They are essential places for breeding, domesticating, and hunting. The trees that provide shelter and freshen the environment are also planted on land. Most of all, land resources provide us with the raw materials needed for production.

What are the national resources of the Philippines?

we get from the following natural resources of the Philippines

How do you evaluate the Philippines economics resources?

To evaluate the Philippines economic resources you have to look at the plants that are working. The amount of money that each resource is generating is another factor that can be used for the evaluation.

Different energy resources in the Philippines?

Describe the development of various energy resources in the philippines?

Why do Philippines have a rich natural resources?

why the philippines is considered rich in natural resources

What is the correct verb in the sentence the Philippines many natural resources?

have The Philippines have many natural resources.

Example of leafy vegetable in Philippines?

An example of a green leafy vegetable in the Philippines is the kangkong. The spinach type plant has two types. One grows in ponds and the other grows on land.

What are some example of natural resources?

water oil land air tree

Why is the Philippines called a living country?

The Philippines is called a living country because of the the resources that are present in both water and land that can sustain the needs of everybody, as well as for the sustainable growth of the economy.

Three main physical resources and an example of how each is utilised?

land water and forest

When was Land Bank of the Philippines created?

Land Bank of the Philippines was created in 1963.

Plant resources of the Philippines?

The Philippines is an incredibly biodiverse region providing a number of different natural resources. The mangrove tree is one of the largest plant resources.

What are the renewable energy resources in the Philippines?

The major renewable energy resources in the Philippines are: * biomass * geothermal * hydro * solar * wind

What are the example of environmental laws in the Philippines?

example of philippines biodiversity

Total land of the Philippines?

Total land area of the Philippines :298,170 square kilometers

What are land resources?

natural resources in the form of arable land

What are the physical resources of the Philippines?