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What are some positive and negative traits of Filipinos?

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Positive Traits:










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Is duration a negative or a positive connotation

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Pictures of some positive and negative traits of Filipinos?


What are positive and negative traits of an individual?

Positive and negative traits will vary based on the individual.Many traits exist, some positive ones include:CaringDevotedGenerousLoyalLovingRespectfulSincereMany traits exist, some negative ones include:SelfishDisrespectfulVainPessimisticRudeUnreliableNegative

What are some positive and negative traits of Filipino managers?

There are many positive traits of having a Filipino manager. One of these traits is bringing diversity into the work place.

What are common stereotypes about Filipinos?

For the positive stereotypes: -Filipinos are hardworking -Filipinos are smart -Filipinos are family oriented (we value our family) Fot the negative stereotypes: -Filipinos are always late -Filipinos always want to be the best (even if it means cheating along the way) -Some Filipinos tend to have crab mentality.

What are some positive traits that begin with the letter E?

Efficient and energetic are positive traits. Other positive traits include eager, easygoing and expert.

Negative characteristics of Filipinos?

IN MY OPINION.Some Filipinos tend to be so lazy especially when they know that someone will do the job for them.

Do all atoms have a positive and negative charge?

no and yes... some are negative and some are positive

What are some positive character traits that begin with the letter T?

Trustworthy and talented are positive character traits. Additional positive traits include thoughtful and tender.

What are some positive character traits that begin with the letter E?

Some positive character traits that begin with E:EmpatheticEnergeticEmotional (not always positive, but can be)Encouraging

What are some positive and negative things about living in Sparta?

What are some positive and negative things about about living in Sparta?

Do You Believe technological advances have a positive or negative influence on our nations health?

Some positive some negative.

Why are cosines positive and negative?

Because the cosine of some angles is positive and the cosine of some other angles is negative.

How do you know positive and negative terminals?

Look for a + by the positive terminal and a - by the negative terminal, or red for positive, black for negative. Some batteries have the positive terminal protruding and the negative terminal flat. Or you can get a meter that will tell you which is which,

What are some positive and negative effects of internationalism on Canada?

Positive: Environmental Negative: loss of soverignty

Do positive number turn into negative?

No, they cannot. The result of some operations on positive numbers can be negative.

What are some character traits that start with a P?


What is Plants breeding positives negatives selection?

Either positive or negative traits could be selected for in nature, although selection for negative traits is extremely rare. A good example of positive selection at a rapid pace can be seen in antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Negative selection usually occurs in domesticated plants and animals. Let's say you have a very tasty strain of tomatoes. Instead of keeping some so you have seeds for next year you eat, sell or can all of them. This leaves you with no seeds, therefore you've selected out the positive traits of that particular plant. I think this is what you are referring to.

What are some positive and negative aspects of a registered nurse?

Negative- bedbaths old people. positive- pay obviously.

What are some Positive character traits that begin with the letter N?

Neat, nice, neighborly and noble are positive character traits. They begin with the letter n.

How can Filipinos change their negative traditions like ninjas cogon into a positive one?

First who or what "ningas cogon" is I have not a clue. As to changing a peoples negative attitudes, remember they are only negative because they are different to ours who assume that we have positive attitudes. It might have helped if you had mentioned just one negative attitude that the Filipino people have. I would prefer to use the word "Simple" rather than negative. Some of the simple attitudes of the Filipino's could contain some useful lessons for us so called enlightened people.

What is an anode positive or negative?

The "anode" is usually considered to be "negative". However in some experiments such as Gel Electrophoresis the anode is positive.

How do you tell if a box plot has positive or negative skew?

If there are many big numbers and some outliers it is negative but the opposite is positive

What is the sign of irrational number?

Some are positive and some are negative.

What is a negative rational number?

Minus two.Some rational numbers are positive, some are negative. -9 is a negative rational number.

What are some examples of positive traits?

Some positive traits include these:Good Values Hospitable Loving Amiable Patient Thrifty Ingenuity Respectful Obedience Unity and Helpfulness Faith in God

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