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A more precise explanation would be, a profound sense of indebtedness; of being indentured; of being inescapably obligated.

Norm of reciprocity; sense of indebtedness; sense of gratitude

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What are some traditional values of filipino today?

Utang na loob, pakikisama,sakop,bukas na,bahala na,patigasan

What are some 16 Filipino values?

Some Filipino Values:hospitalityindustriousness or industryreligiosityclose family tiesutang na loobpakikisamaclose family ties

What are some English words derived from French words?


What 3 words in English end with or?

Some English words ending in "-or":* abhor * ardor * anchor * door

What are some words that end in yoo?

No English words end in yoo.

Why are some Arabic and English words the same?

English has a strong tradition of borrowing words that it can use. Those similar words are Arabic; English just happens to be using them as well.

Does british English contain more archaic words than American English?

In general, yes, although some words used in American English date back to the settlement of North America and no longer used in British English- so some "Americanisms" are in fact archaic English words.

How do you say bra in Tagalog?

In Tagalog, some English words are incorporated. Therefore, some English words do not have a Tagalog translation. "Bra" in Tagalog is still "bra".

How many root words in English language?

There isapproximately128 root words in the English language, some include suffixes ofLatinandGermanwords.

What are some words used in american english?

You just typed some.

What are some ecological words new to the English language?

get some answers

What are some English words that originally were French words?

buffet, ballet, parlay

What are some Spanish words that have an English origin?

mitin (from English meeting)esmoquin (from English smoking)líder (from English leader)

What are some English derivatives of the latin word natalis?

some English words would be prenatal, neonatal, nativity

Can you help me to translate English words into latin words?

We can point you to some websites where you can get such translations instantly. What are some of the words you need translated?

What are some English words ending in sian?


What are some English words for terminus?

Terminus is an English word. It means the end of the line.

What are some of the most commonly used words in the English language?

Some of the most commonly used words in the English language include "the", "people", "about", and "like". Other words include "time", "because", and "first".

How many words in Russian and English?

Some Russian words sound and have the same meaningas English but are said in a Russian accent so it's hard to tell but most words do not sound English at all

What are some British words?

A British dictionary is packed full of English words (and their meaning).

What rhymes with obliged?

No english words rhyme with oblige, but there are some words that sort of rhyme with it.

What are some Scrabble words that end in bza?

There are no English Scrabble words that end with BZA.

What are some words in Spanish and their meanings in English?

Hola = Hello

What is the meanings of some German words used in English?

means .

What are some English words that are latin based?