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The cast of Mga lihim ng kalapati - 1987 includes: Isadora as Madonna Ricky Belmonte Marissa Delgado Tanya Gomez Sonny Parsons Vic Vargas

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The cast of Lihim - 1941 includes: Pedro Faustino Ester Magalona Deanna Prieto

The cast of Lihim ng Ina - 1937 includes: Leopoldo Salcedo

The cast of Lihim ng mga makasalanan - 1970 includes: Rita Gomez

The cast of Lihim ni Bathala - 1951 includes: Manuel Barbeyto Teody Belarmino

The cast of Lihim ng kapatid - 1940 includes: Pacita Del Rio Arsenia Francisco

The cast of Ang lihim ni Bathala - 1931 includes: Gregorio Fernandez Mary Walter

The cast of Ang lihim ng Guadalupe - 1979 includes: Ivette Christine Tina Monasterio

The cast of Kambal na lihim - 1953 includes: Pedro Faustino Leopoldo Salcedo Carol Varga Jose Villafranca

The cast of Mapait na lihim - 1938 includes: Rosa Aguirre Rudy Concepcion Rosario Moreno Nati Rubi

The cast of May lihim ang gabi - 1972 includes: Alona Alegre Eva Linda Vic Vargas

The cast of Lihim ng lumang simbahan - 1940 includes: Luningning Togo Pugo Reynaldo Dante Tita Duran

The cast of Mga lihim ni magdalena - 1970 includes: Renato Del Prado Merle Fernandez Renato Robles

The cast of Lihim ng kumpisalan - 1952 includes: Tolindoy Jose De Villa Linda Estrella Pedro Faustino Pancho Magalona

The cast of Lihim ng dagat-dagatan - 1939 includes: Lina Alva Tito Arevalo Armando Crisostomo Angel Esmeralda

The cast of Mapait na lihim - 1958 includes: Marlene Dauden Van De Leon Etang Discher Ric Rodrigo Lolita Rodriguez

The cast of Lihim sa likod ng buwan - 1985 includes: Raoul Aragonn Mark Gil Tanya Gomez Juan Rodrigo

The cast of Lihim ni Madonna - 1997 includes: Roldan Aquino Anthony Cortez Sunshine Cruz as Madonna Paquito Diaz Tonton Gutierrez Dick Israel Celia Rodriguez Criselda Volks

The cast of Ang lihim ni Kurdapya - 2008 includes: John Apacible as Benny Jenine Desiderio as Kurdapya Julio Diaz as Fabian Erika Fuerte as Digna Emilio Garcia as Dante Sofia Valdez as Prostitute

The cast of Mga mumunting lihim - 2012 includes: Roeder Judy Ann Santos Iza Calzado as Carla Janice de Belen Gino Dela Pena Agot Isidro Lui Manansala Madeleine Nicolas Mikylla Ramirez

The cast of Ang lihim ni Adonis - 2011 includes: Thea Alvarez as Vina Charles Delgado as Jun Dyomar Dyangco as Jomar Usman Hassim Jeremy Ian as Adonis Ike Sadiasa Gian Santos as Gian

The cast of Lihim ng mga nympha - 2012 includes: Walter Arenio Barbara Chavez Bench Dela Torre Alvin Duckert Sheena Flores Mia Henares Honey Lopez Tanya Morales Tj Morello Sarah Obama

The cast of Lihim na bayani - 1949 includes: Kasupang Vic Andaya Armando Araneta Antonio De la Mogueis Frankie Gordon Amfaro Karagdag Virginia Montes Fred Santos Ding Tello Tony Tolman Norma Vales

The cast of Lihim - 1997 includes: Bert Cayanan Anthony Cortez King Gutierrez Jaymee Hizon Farah Leano Matthew Mendoza Sol Mendoza Lourlyn Palencia Puerto Princesa People of Palawan Millet Pulido Ina Raymundo as Bianca Shannen Torres Letty Umali

The cast of Ang lihim ni gagamba - 1964 includes: Willie Angeles Jenny Arce Perla Bautista Bernard Bonnin Enteng Cabrera Robert Campos Angel Confiado Og Jarlego Miguel Lopez Lourdes Medel Narding Pineda Jerry Reyes

lihim is not a Hebrew word.

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