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Q: School logo of Pamantasan ng lungsod ng pasay?
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What uniform does condell park high school wear?

Dark Olive green pants with white top, with school logo. black school jumper with school logo

What is the Logo for Independence High School a picture of?

independence high school has picture of United States of America national flag has there logo pictures. this school is one of famous school of America .

Can you Copyright a high school logo?

No. You could copyright a drawing or photograph of the logo but the logo itself would have to be protected as a trademark.

Where can you get logo pictures of your favorite High school?

Your school's website

What is the logo of kalaafaanu school?

You can get it at

What does the korowa logo stand for?

If you are talking about the Korowa Anglican Girls' School Logo, it represents a palm leaf.

What was the school mascot in saved by the bell?

They were the Bayside Tigers. The Tiger logo was the Detroit Tigers old logo.

Why do school pick symbols for their sports teams?

schools have sports logos because their sports teams are representing their school. Sports logos are mainly the same logo as the school logo. It is mainly to look good!

What is the Stella Maris high school logo?

A dolphin

What is the school travel project that has an airplane on the logo?


What does Robert Clack School logo Represent?

The Robert Clack School logo represents two lions; respecting the lions in the English History. Also swords; they represent our respect towards our country :)

What logo has a green triangle inside a yellow circle?

my school logo

What logo has a sun with a green swoosh under it?

There is not a logo that has a sun with a green swoosh under it. There is a purple logo that has a swoosh and it is for Swoosh Vale School Tours. The company offers youth activities and services.

How does school uniform represent your school?

All schools have a logo and a name and that name and logo is shown on your school uniform, to show others that your from the same school. You'd specially need to wear this when you are going to a school trip and you're lost'n all . Some girls might wear a dress the same color of their school's.

Who created the Deathbat Logo for Avenged Sevenfold?

The band's high school friend Micah Montague created the Deathbat logo for Avenged Sevenfold.

What kind of school uniform do children wear in school?

It depends what school your talking about, all schools have different uniforms and logo's, so you need to say what school it is!

Do college footballs bring their own footballs with the school logo?


Why do thurleston high school have a sparrow for there logo?

Because the school was patronised by the prominent 'sparrow' family who resided nearby.

Why did icknield high school choose the bee?

A group of the first ever icknield students in 1947 were looking for a logo for their school and whilst looking in the centre of the luton to football clubs badge they saw a bee a decided that would be the logo for icknield high school in luton

What is the colors of the uniform worn at Medgar Ever Preparatory high school?

I am a student at the high school and we have a choice of black or khaki pants/skirts and white/gold/burgandy collared shirts. The school sells the shirts that have the school logo but they are really expensive so most students purchase cheaper collared shirts elsewhere that do not have the school logo.

How do you obtain a license to sell merchandise with a collegiate logo?

Some colleges handle their own licensing; some have hired companies like the Licensing Resource Group to handle it for them. If you are looking to license a logo for one particular school, I suggest that you use a search engine and search the terms +logo +license +[name of school].

Which is better power force band or energy force band?

Power Force! You can wear your team logo while improving your energy. Who would want to wear some random company's logo when you can wear your school's logo?

When was McDonald logo invented?

i have no idea love eilish st peters school

Can you legally make and sell a handpainted glass using a school's logo?

Provided the logo is registered as a trademark, and not in the public domain, no you cannot use it without permission.

What is the motto of Lake Norman High School?

Lake Norman High School's motto is 'Lake Norman Wildcats Logo'.

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